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Welcome to "God's Answers 2 U"

God's Aswers 2 U is a website of Ministry of Hope

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God's Answers 2 U

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God's answers 2 U, is a labour of love, this what this web-site is all about, to provide you with answers for true christian living, the Sword of the Spirit is at work when apply the Word, it will protect us from false teaching, error and herisy, and it will show us the narrow road that leads to a righteous, fruitful life, and at the end the salvation of our souls, our eternal home with Him, Jesus Christ our Lord,our Saviour and Friend.

*   God's Answers for your life, is a book on this site, with 7 chapters and 49 topics for the christian life today, Hit the link "God's Answers" to enter this most remarkable book God's Aswers for your life from J. Countryman.

  God's Promises for every need. is also a book on this site, with 9 chapters and 80 topics, to find pure scripture verses that will help you in your need today. God has given us the quarantee that these promises will produce results in your life, your family, and your circumstances, nothing is more powerful than a Word from God in a given situation. This book is also from J.Countryman Publishers. Just hit the link " God's Promises" to enter this most helpful book.

In the Psalm 107:20 it says Ps 107:20 He sends forth His word and heals them and rescues them from the pit {and} destruction.

Here it is! God's contract with His Children. Yes, God really delivers from destruction if we believe His Word. That word destruction refers to anything that can destroy or harm you in any way, depression, discouragement, frustration, fear, quilt, impatience, lonelyness, temptation, trouble, sickness, and all other devastating situations.

*    Biblestudies, they are source of information on docrines, tradition, exposing error, exposing motives, and are a good help to increase your knowlege about topics as money, giving, satan, works, freedom in Christ and more.

Ministry of Hope came to all these materials on the www for reason that it contains a wealth of information and a reasonable quick reference to what men need to know about the christian life and everything is pure scripture, today so many preachers: claiming constant new truth's about the christian life and christian beliefs, "new revelation" often times overturns our biblical view of how the christian life should be lived. Therefore this labour of love is there to help and keep you on the narrow road of biblical truth.

It really helped me, so I hope it will do the same for you.

The books are not meant to replace bible reading, but as a help to discover the bible.

The Bible studies will expose many wrong docrines, pitt falls and beliefs that are astablished in our life through tradition and teachings, and will refresh your outlook on many bible topics and keep you from error and on the narrow road that will lead to our eternal Home with Him.

Both Books, "God's Answers for your life" and "God's Promises for every your need", are Copyrighted By J.Countryman/Thomas Nelson Publishers and are published on this site with permission, both books are a great help to discover various truth's about the Christian Life and the Christian walk and it will provide many answers for your christian walk and problems and your every day need.


God Bless!
Ministry of Hope.


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