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Welcome to the website of Henriėtte en Gerard!

This page is a translation of our Dutch homepage on behalf of our foreign visitors. The site consists of two parts;
The main one is a pre-issue of the family tree research of the Runsink ancestors. The illustrious family of Henriėtte.
Since 1811, an other branch bears the name Runsing.

If you don't have any interest in genealogy, but are interested in "the sweetheart of our neighbourhood", then click on this link.

About the pedigree research Runsink; It started in december 1999.
Already soon it became clear, that we were dealing with a family that has left many ancient traces in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Gildrechtboek vanaf 1434 (GA, rvr 34) The first mentioning dates from 1479. But connected generations with complete families we have as from about 1535.
For centuries they were working in self-employed professions.

A book with their life stories based upon all findings is currently being made. But in vieuw of the amount of material found, it will take some time to finish.

In september 2003 I held a presentation at a cousin reunion of our family branch. Stating the broad line of the family history as discovered at that moment. It concerned:

The beginning of the pedigree (male line, briefly) 
Generation III of Carstijen (in full)               
The next generations until about 1930 (male line, briefly)

The content of this site a slightly extended reproduction of the presentation and acts as a pre-issue.
It was also our first experience building a website.

Clicking on the links below, you can look at the findings and pictures. The remainder of the site is still in Dutch though.

If you are a Runsink or know of a Runsink outside the Netherlands, please let us know. Just go to the mail-form on this site, fill it in and send it to us.

Henriėtte van der Kamp & Gerard Smit

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