Projects of Henri Bouma

Selection of competitive and collaborative projects and unclassified project abstracts.
  • EU H2020 D4FLY (2019-2022) EU H2020 consortium with TNO, Veridos, Univ. Reading, Democritos, VTT, Trilateral, RNM, IND, e.a..
    TNO contributed to document analysis for breeder documents and travel documents.
  • NATO INSTEAD (2019-2021) NATO project with TNO, ENEA, VTT, ATAC.
    TNO contributed to person re-identification.
  • EU H2020 TRESSPASS (2018-2020) EU H2020 consortium with TNO, Demokritos e.a.
    TNO contributed to the real-time behavior analysis.
  • UK SASSSISLAN (2017) Project for DSTL (UK).
    TNO contributed in flexible human-definable behaviour analysis.
  • EU H2020 ASGARD (2016-2019) EU H2020 consortium with TNO, VicomTech, CEA, IDEMIA, NFI, UvA, AIT, CERTH e.a.
    TNO contributed to the automatic analysis of textual and image data for law enforcement agencies.
  • EU FP7 PROTECTRAIL (2010-2014) EU FP7 consortium with TNO, Thales, Bombardier, CEA, Morpho, Selex e.a.
    TNO gave live demonstrations of tracking and re-identification in multiple CCTV cameras at a railway station, and integration with the security operator control center.
  • EU FP7 ARENA (2011-2015) EU FP7 consortium with TNO, Univ. Reading, FOI, Sagem, Morpho, ITTI, e.a.
    TNO contributed in automatic behaviour analysis and threat detection in surveillance cameras on a parking lot.
  • USA DARPA CORTEX (2010-2014) DARPA Mind's Eye program with: TNO, CMU, MIT, Purdue, SRI, USC e.a.
    TNO developed the technology for real-time automatic human action recognition.
  • WPSS (2011-2013) National security project with TNO and five Dutch SME's.
    Real-time tracking and interactive re-identification in a crowded shopping mall, and integration with other partners for behavior analysis.
  • EU FP7 Dolphin (2011-2014) EU FP7 consortium with TNO, Qinetiq, Selex, Thales, e-Geos, e.a.
    TNO contributed in enhancement of maritime situational awareness by automatically analyzing satellite images.
  • Passive Sensors (2013-2015) Project in the national roadmap Security of the top-sector High-tech systems and materials.
    Suspicious behavior analysis and pickpocket recognition in a shopping mall.