It has allready been allmost two years since I started working on this mission.

what has been going on untill now:

I'm glad that I can say that the proces of building has been completed. all the area's have been constructed,roombrushed etc.need only minor tweaking...

to my own suprise I didn't encounter any scary dromed-messages like scene complexity, vertices problems.. On a regular bases I did do my complete mission processing and even then Dromed didn't complane.. ( Is she actualy gonna like me???)

in the mean time I did send the mission to Redleaf. she did a marvelous job re-decorating the whole place, making me all kind of new textures.

since I got the mission back, I've been scripting. making all kinds of conversations, puzzles, setting patrol routes.

It's about time to get the mission back to redleaf so she can do the final tweakings, the interior decoration and the lighting. she is a real master in that and to be honest.. I hate doing that.. my joy is in scripting, the behind-the-scene things..:)

redleaf is allso gonna make me some more custom goodies. \0/ (f.e. a fancy spear of destiny)

allso busy writing out the conversations, all the readables. allso finetuning the storyline.

I've been working on a title song: I started out with the gregorian tune from thief2 (m09gregorian), added some more lines and lyrics.My good friend Theo Hes ( a classical musician) did a marvelous job arranging it for SATB. ( now to find singers...) here a sample from the midi machine


ok, what's next...

a good thing is that I'm gonna see Redleaf in three weeks, she will be over in Holland for allmost two months... Hopefully we will have some good Dromed-Quality-Ttime (DQT)in between the gigs...:)


28 july 2009

Had a long skype session with redleaf today. she did correct my grammar on the story, spiced it up a bit. allso she did spice up some of the screenies, they look so much better now, can't wait for the rest....:)

Today I worked on one of the puzzles in the compound. I made a setup with doors that had to be activated before they could be opened. to be honest , I liked the setup ( for it's scripting,) but I got anoyed myself by constantly have to go to the control room to open another door...:( , so I made a kind of workaround for it.. ( I'm in my kaboom-phase right now :) )

29 july 2009

so what was I thinking... just a quick workaround and that's it... ??? while testing some more, I noticed that, if I allready had a door open/ activated before using the workaround, the door would be closed for the rest of the game.... ( and no way for the player to reset it...) so spend the entire night puzzling how that was possible ( and how to fix it) and at the end it was fixed with one simple NVRelayTrap ( to delay one part ot the scripting..)

So we got a new motto for the coming week....

If you can't get it to work, use a NVRelayTrap...:)


08 februari 2010

been a long time since I updated the site..

I did meet with redleaf this summer, but we have been so busy with rehearsels, touring, working on the band website that we didn't have any real DQT :(

so for a few weeks back I started working on the spear again... bought myself a new computer with W7 and had a nice struggle to get Thief/Dromed running.. but at last I succeeded and started scripting. did some patroll routes, and then the nightmare began..

what was I thinking ... that dromed was actually liking me.. the bitch stabbed me in the back :)

Garrett got stuck everwhere, getting shas-ed... , doors that open and still block the player... tried all kinds of things, even the wizzards on ttlg couldn't help.. I had to go back a lot of saves before I found a working save.. and so I started scripting again...

knock on wood.. untill now it is working like a charm ..

a few nights ago I found an area in the crypt that I completly forgot.. so the last nights I've been scripting there, it will be a place of choices.. two treasure chest.. one containing a speedpotion ( needed to go out) , the other one containing a nice reward but than you allso have to solve a riddle in a certain amount of time.. If you succeed you will have the loot and an easy way out.. if you fail...well, you will find out soon enough, but the riddle and the burrick heads on the wall might give a hint..:)

and then Dromed acted up again.. my plaques didn't work... whatever I tried, they refused to give the on-screen-text....weirdest thing was that it didn't work on my dromed install on my laptop and at home but on the fanmissions installs they did work..

and again it was NV that came to the rescue \0/.. I didn't have a stringfolder in my thieffolder..

ok let's fire up dear old Dromed and get some more work on the spear done..


30 march 2011

back from a long hiatus...

finaly some time to give an update here..

at this moment the mission is back to Singapore, for a beauty-treatment..:)

Redleaf is very busy trying to squeeze some dromed-time in her oh so busy schedule.. she is working on the lighting of the mission, redoing some textures, dressing up the rooms and making me some custom goodies and meshes... she couldn't tell when she will be done...let's hope it will be done before she comes to holland again...


sometimes it gets

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