Icarus van de Dorestee is vader geworden!!


Op 23 september 2012 heeft het teefje Trontoppen's Clio uit Zweden pups gekregen. De vader is Icarus van de Dorestee, een nestbroer van onze Ispel. De Zweedse fokker schreef het volgende:

Hello I will try to translate my notes 

I woke up and Clio was worrying, running around inside and outside, she was running through all our bushes very weird I thougt, back and forward and in the house again.

She had a wery heavy breathing, a bit of panic in her eyes, and sometimes wyning, when we sat in the puppie room, she had shake attacks, her tail was between her legs, licking between her legs, nesting the litterbox, 15.16 we thougt wee saw the first contractions about 3-5 in a row.

Then she was walking around again and wanted to lie in the Coutch, but we didnt want to have pups there  And she had her very heavy breathing and the tail an stuff, the next contractins came at 16.32 about 5 of them.

when she had her contractions she wanted too stand up. The next were at 16.42 then, 16.58, 17.06, 17.17, 17.28, 17.36, 17.46, at 17.55 there came som water/blood mix. Next was at 18.10,

18.30 the Two boys came out at the same time, only saw one placenta, so maby twins!? The she was licking them, chew off the strain and eating the placenta, she didnt look finnish, she was calmer but didnt rally lay still, her breathing was a little calmer than before.

Then the next contractions started 19.34 and two females came at the same time, one of them was really small. and the same procedure as before she did everything her self.

The next contractions started 20.31 and one female came out (the rest came out really easy maby after 3-5contractions)

The next came at 21.00 a female. The next six miutes later a female too, but she had a little slime or water in her nose and the placenta haden’t come out yet so wee cut her free an tried to wipe her nose an stuff.

At 21.38 the last came out a Boy. After this one she just felt finnished. So we waited about an hour before we let her out too pee ad get some food. And we tride to clean up and put in som new sheats, and wheig the pupps, but she was really super fast, so we had too HURRY like crazy.  ( almoust every pup she gave birth too she was standing up)


My sister was there to asist me. and no temp was taken, i dindnt want too stress her upp even more, and din’t see the point really. When she looked fine.

I will send you some more pictures. 

Best regards Denise & Martin

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