Update Finn!

Dear Ayesta, 

So, the first week working after holidays is over - Finn loves it to be at my parent's house and his big friend Jason. Finn is always trying to sleep as near as possible to Jason :-) But Finn loves it too to go home every evening.

 Yesterday we were at the puppy-school the second time. He was the most attentive dog there. Finn is a really great dog for working, especially doing tricks or learning to watch at me, and not to other puppies, or making sit and stuff like that. We were so proud of him!

The shy Labrador-Puppy, which we met at the tournament, and which we could help a little to get more self-confident is now Finns best friend at the puppy-school.

 He was also doing great with the neighbor's dogs and cats, the only thing was, that he thought it a little bit boring, because they didn't want to play with him like Jason or our little cat :-) So he felt asleep - as you can see in the picture.

 Nice greetings from Austria and the mountains :-) The snow is still missing...


Best regards
Kathi, Michi & Finn




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