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Lightorbs like little moons

( By  Ed Vos)

Several times a day, we have to walk with our dogs. mostly using the same paths in the forest. It are our regulair walkings, but interesting every time. On januari the 28th Nel walked with our dogs, and ofcourse she carried  a camera .

Although we uase this camera for several years now, and captured the most fascinating orbs and other anomalies with it, some little "moons " came in. They just appeared at the end of the walk.

After a thorough study, we remarked, the holes or openings in the orbs (moons) called "mouth" by us, all pointed to that special area in the woods!

It is the red spot in the drawing below!



From her mobile home, Nel walked the short path (20 metres) and next on path B into the forest, to come back on path C. Paths B and C are about 1 km long. The pictures of the little moons were taken during this walk.  It was snowing a little bit, only very tiny snowflakes. The moonpics were taken on path C and are pointing with their "mouths" to the red spot in the drawing

Friends of us, living in Arkansas (USA) are very good dowsers, and they told us, the orbs (moons) pointed us on a negative energy. Although they couldn't know, they were right. There indeed was a negatiove energy in that surroundings those days.


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Ed Vos