Dutch Light Orbs



Old Pictures


It seems Orbs aren't that new, but are phenomenons existing much longer.


From the American Rich we received a picture, made in 1896, with a so called Camera Obscura. E fotocamera without a lens. In it's simple shape, it is a carton box, with a small hole one one side, and film sticked on the opposite side.

From our American friends John & Jan Young we received the same picture after a while. Coincidentally, they met the great,great granddaughter of this man, and she gave the following information:

The picture was taken in  Joe's Prune Orchard in the Gilroy, California area in August of 1896. The man  is holding a basket that prunes were put into to be dipped in hot boiling lye in the brick cooker called a dipper behind him. After dipping in hot lye water, the prunes were loaded on the horse drawn wagon to be taken out to dry in the sun.

We thank Rich, John & Jan, as well as the great granddaugther for their contributions.


Unknown Author

Our Friend Tom Partridge enhanced the orb


I was asked for the negatives of a wedding I photographed in 1975. Some lightorbs are to be seen even on those older pictures.


Tom Partidge also enhanced this orb






Also in old drawings "lights" above cities are to be seen. Below two drawings from the 16th century, showing "lights" above Neurenberg (Germany) and Bazel (Switserland)






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