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Orb rescues cow



Yesterday, I got this remarkable message from mister van der Linden from Eemnes (The Netherlands)

Great an orb is involved, in this dramatical story, but the cow is save and sound.


 We thank mister van der Linden for this message, and his allowance, to publish it on our site



Dear people,

Yesterday I was walking in the polders of Eemnes (Netherlands), and yes, a cow in a ditch. How do you get him out of it? So I called 112 the Dutch general alarm number. The fire brigade would come, but they didn't know the way in the polder. I made a picture, for always carrying my digital camera, and my cell phone. So no help was coming, the cow was exhausted, but turned around, the other side of the ditch. he came deeper and deeper in the ditch. But while I was calling, he got out of that ditch in the right direction. His meadow!

Being at home, and loading that photo in my computer, I saw a white shape. There wasn't any sun, and I often make nature photo's never a spot, or something like that, It also isn't a trick so what do you think about it.

What is your Idea


Kind regards,

Albert van der Linden


Orb rescues cow

By Ed Vos

It was july 13th 2004, as Albert van der Linden went to the polder of the village Eemnes (Netherlands) to go out jogging, as he regularly does. This time however he saw a cow that stood in a ditch, and he wanted to rescue the cow from her unfortunate position.

Albert called the European emergency number 112, and told the fire-brigade about the event.

After having waited for some time, and no fireman had appeared, Albert phoned for a second time. Doing so, he took a picture of the cow in the mean time, just to prove the cow really was in the ditch, and his call wasn't false, just in case the cow might climb out of the ditch herself, although that's hardly possible with all that mud in those ditches.

But, what happened afterwards, the cow turned around, and climbed out of the ditch, although he was rather deep in that ditch and mud. By turning around, and climbing out of the ditch, he was in the meadow again, where she belongs!!

Albert immediately called the fire-brigade again, to tell the didn't need to come anymore. For the cow was save in the meadow.

Next day at work, Albert showed the photo in the display of his camera to some people, and one of them recognized the light orb, and pointed Albert to this website.

Out of my knowledge as professional photographer, I immediately saw this wasn't any lens flare, or another technical explainable issue. We really had to do with a light phenomenon. Although not really an orb, for they mostly are round, but certainly with an energy form, manifestating itself as a kind of light. Obviously the fenomanon was moving.

As it's known some orbs have healing capacities, others a warning influence, it's clear the orb showed the cow it's way, giving her the energy as wel to climb out the ditch. The cow namely was struggling for quite a while in that ditch, and produced very anxious cries.

Asking farmers and fire men learned us, in fact it's impossible for a cow to climb out a ditch on her own, and this very seldom happens.

Once there was a man, that was very capable to help cows out of ditches. Probably this light orb was a manifestation of this passed away man.

Afterwards Albert visiited that spot several times, and it seems that specific cow still seems to recognize him. (see photo's below)

Mrs. cow is constantly looking at Albert, although the other cows doesn't pay any attention to him.






May 2008, so 3 years afterwards, the cow still recognizes Albert:






On April 29th 2005, Albert posted us some photo's, out of a series of 84 he took of a sundown. Besides it are just great pictures, the light phenomenon appeared again!

The 3 pics published were taken in a sequence.

Between photo 1 and 2, there was an interval of 22 seconds.

Between photo 2 and 3 it was 36 seconds

The published photo's were taken in a row, so they were in sequence

We thank Mr. van der Linden for sharing his photos with us, and his allowance to publish them on our website










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Ed Vos