Dutch Light Orbs



Richard van Rijswijk


Richard van Rijswijk receives drawings / symbols in a state of meditation, that are related to special facets of life and or powerplaces. And he creates these pictogramms in sand. After creating them the pictogramms are activated, and afterwards a a very noticable change of energie wil be experienced





For more information you might visite the website of Richard.

Some months ago, Richard came in contact with this website, and some others, concearning Light orbs, and went out to see if he could get any orbs, on the locations he previously created sand circles, and activated them. It was in may 2006, and to his big surprise he got hundreds of them on his pics, although he never photographed orbs at all.

We thank Richard for his information and photos, he handed us, and for his allowance to post them on this website.




Below a selection of the hundreds of photo's Richard made on the locations he previously created those sand formations


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