Dutch Light Orbs




It's well known, lightmanifestations, can be showed in many shapes, such as orbs, shooters, "misty" appearances, haert shaped ones and so on. Totally new are those "stripes" both horizontal and vertical, as we might photograph them. The horizontal "stripes"were taken with both: digital, and traditional (using film) camera's.

The first picture with a horizontal stripe was taken by Ria with her digital. Remark that wonderfull orbs that are on that stripe.




After developping our films, we also saw horizontal stripes on them as well. One could think about scratches on the film, but after a thouroughly inspection of the negatives, it came out they had no scratches at all.







A few days later, Ria photographed some very clear vertical lichtphenomenons with her digital, that obviously moved around a person. After asking that person to put a step aside, the phenomenon didn't show up in the photo's anymore. You'll find those pictures, as well as detail enlargements, below.

All pictures above were taken close to a leylines crossing, coincidentally marked by those birds feathers.


Our friends John and Jan made this nice collage, of the pictures above. In the second column, the pictures are lined out. That means, the tree nearby, is on the same place in every picture. We thank John and Jan for this collage



And as photographed on 16-11-2003

Photos were part of a large series, only this two had stripes, 

taken from the same place, in the same direction







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Ed Vos