Dutch Light Orbs




11. A second light ball strip, photo from Frank Peters. (An abstract)

 By Dipl. Ing. Horst Grünfelder


Meanwhile I had scrutinized further photos which were suspiciously close to my criteria for unknown flight objects.  

With a similar light ball strip from the chapter before it was quite different.  Although familiar values turned out, that was clearly not a flight object but only a light appearance. I had to check this once more with another photo.

Frank Peters did serve me with a photo from Hude of 9-16-2004. That was a opf a great help . Now I had a counterpart image from Europe which in addition shows a second light piece. 




I start with the Nibirus (*) values. The 17.11 and the 17.12 come again in from the brighter side of the flight path, inside the 17.11, on the outside the 17.12.  (All figures are distinct setting values of the Lecher Antenna which is used semi-physically as a dowsing rod.)


(*) Nibiru would be another planet which dives into our solar system every 3600 years according to the Sumerians. In addition, many Sumerian script panels describe that her country was settled by creatures from  the Nibiru.


From his operative signals, the 17.13 to 17.16 are completely missing, but the 17.18 to 17.20 are available.

I have applied the 10.33 of the "Caprarola UFO". In addition, this value was found on all historical illustrations, the Sumerian seals and the memorial slab of Palenque etc. Here he wraps the balls and cares about the other light.





Meanwhile I also examine quartz signals at unknown flight objects. Two of them fill the whitely highlighted tube. It is so as if information is transferred through it. The quartz signals give a very pictorial connection.  A third quartz wave is within the whole picture.


The last foil shows the cosmic signals. All planets of our solar system appear again. This fact is so rare but it happened at the previous ball light photo as well. I have scrutinized another 2 photos of similar ball rows roughly and found the cosmos just as numerously there. One cannot understand which role the planets play here.

I try it once more interrogate what it is about the Sirius:

"Information comes from the Sirius,  not for the Earth but for the 10.33. The close by-object is not from Sirius but from 17.11. Both sources cooperate."

Finally I have checked the planet positions of 9-16-4 at 19:34 in my Astro program for Bremen. The planets are not distributed  similar to my evaluation. Remarkable is only that  each of them lies very close either above or under the horizon. The Sirius is also  is practically on the horizon. So, at that time, the ecliptic orbits our "earth disk”.




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