Dutch Light Orbs



Background and Method of Working on ORB Photos and their Content.


By Dipl. Ing. Horst Grünfelder


Without deeper knowledge of quantum physics it is clear to most dowsers that everything, at least pure material emanates rays. Dowsing was practiced for millennia and this method is based with great success on invisible radiation.


Something what is not visible but yet noticeable may excite sensible people or may frighten them, something what may sicken over a long time the bluntest and insensitive or what plants reveal in growth and selection that is finally the matter of the very location. In turn that place is marked by its local and very individual ray combination.


Dowsing sensitivity is not only confined to stationary beams of any kind of material. It is commonly accepted that certain people may already sense when something approaches, or they realize a certain prevision, like you may perceive the contact before the telephone rings, in the same manner there are interferences which might be explained best with the perception of another type of radiation. These effects work on remote interlocking. The endogenous is the base and “the antenna” is in my opinion within our aura. The aura is capable of transmitting and receiving and works with frequencies. Also these other, often more spiritual values can be determined and checked on many occasions with the rod.


If it becomes more and more versatile, one needs a suitable instrument to determine the variety. Still, one could continue intuitively, but intuition would be too broadband for me. Intuition entails too much plangent and, only with difficult, it can be kept free from own expectations. A so-called Lecher Antenna will allow a more accurate work. It consists of a circuit board with track conductors, on this a shortcut slider glides and one holds it in hands with grips. The work principle should be semi-physically. It is the merit of Reinhard Schneider that he has improved the physical Lecher system into a serviceable rod. By the shortcut slider one can select the active wavelengths and the rod reacts vehemently at n-fold of lambda. However, the system is in detail more versatile than described.


In a high frequency laboratory resonance against electromagnetic waves can be checked     and one knows then when amplitudes maxima or minima caused the dowsing reaction off on the Lecher Antenna. It behaves similarly against dowsing waves; only the resonance location is some millimeters aside. These waves are not or not purely of electromagnetic nature they are of another quality. But men have not yet got a measuring instrument if one senses when the visitor stands already at the front-door.


I use the Lecher Antenna because of her high level of selection. 2000 values can certainly be adjusted with her. This should suffice also to include frequencies of immaterial appearances.


Of course I have not established my "frequencies" out of the Orb pictures itself, otherwise I would find only naked numbers and my intuition should tell me what they indicate. I had brought along before around 100 setting values for the spiritual world and had been able to provide a hopefully right meaning to them. More importantly I could already check most of them at changing moments. Many Orb photos then still produced a wonderful confirmation of them and concurrently I could also determine new setting values. The photo always reveals a snapshot from quite special events.


Perhaps some of you might not know that in every picture upgrade information will be stored as well. Quite some people will accept that e.g. symbols have effects. I comment this a little secularly: these are also upgrade information and her frequencies could be determined from the symbol as well. However, what one loves or feels from the symbol is that makes their special ray combination. 


I have tried to describe the prerequisites of my method of working. You would be invited to digest the contents of the pictures’ interpretation or not believe it. An invisible world has shown up so versatile that I now know we are surrounded by her on a massive scale. Surprisingly this knowledge has rather calmed me. I look now on to our world much more at ease. 


Wonderfully, at rare moments, the spiritual world also maps her to photos; these are mostly moments of transformation. Unfortunately our common senses are not capable to see them or how somebody recently told our senses are deficient. This was not thought badly. Here my selection of waves and values through the Lecher Antenna could overcome our restrictions. I assume that I had presented enough details in my lecture.


The following selection covers only those interpretations whose photographers are well-known to me. I count on their consent.



My working method is:

1.  I start with a very broad and general series of questions:

Which world is present and included in the photo? Is it a world of mankind, of animals, of plants, of souls, of spiritual entities, of consciousness, of the solar system and so on? Positive responses will be noted.

2. A number of specific "frequencies" belong to each of these levels. These frequencies are distinct setting values on the Lecher antenna.

3. Then I will examine vaguely whether such "frequencies" and which of them appear on the photo. 

4. Finally those areas will be marked on the photos which contain these frequencies.

5. If clear contexts develop, I will be able to make a story out of this.




Shooter in the Evening. Moments of Change

Photos Frank Peters May 2007.

An active consciousness arises, an upgrading is proved.






Spiritual Entities before their First Task.

Photo of Ed Vos.

A transformation takes place in the white tube.





This photo has my copyright in it, but was made by Nel de Boer. In those days Nel appreciated not to publish photos including her name for reasons. I regard it as hounest to mention this.  Nel liked it to have my name imprinted in that photo

Ed Vos






Fog in the Woods as an Active Consciousness

Photo Frank Peters

Active consciousness and a newly developing consciousness become separated by moon beings.

These moon beings have shown up extra for this process.








Fog at a Lake with active Consciousness.

Photo Frank Peters

Active consciousness and a newly developing consciousness become separated by moon beings.

These moon beings have shown up extra for this process.









Fog with Balls, a World of Soul and Spiritual Entities.

Photo Frank Peters.

A busy invisible life at the lake, much cosmos within the signal transformer of the trees.

The general information field had opened some levels.







Spherical Veils were Consciousness Fields.

Photo from Ilse Jenkins

However, I did not find any suitable conclusion.  









Stripe with a bright Light Part, Guardian Angels refresh her Protection


Photo Frank Peters

The Pleiades and the general information field are present.

The light ribbon contains soul information; guardian angels are connected to it.








A great Meditation at the Oak.

Photo Frank Peters 30.6.07

Our consciousness is being perceived during the meditation.








Body Reactions indicate something

Photo Frank Peters 30.6.07

We were somehow detected and something keeps contact to us.








Information from Earth is transformed in a Cosmic Signal and is sent out.

Photo Frank Peters         

A white light in the Walpurgis Night.

The event is bound to a special geomantic location.

The moment of transformation becomes visible.










We search for a Waiting Consciousness.

Photo Horst Grünfelder

After so much background knowledge one should be able find it easily.









Light Ball mapped on Stereo Photos.

Photo W. Schöppe 1966

Light ball in contact with the daughter of the photographer.

The light has sun frequencies and her life plan is been seen with a guardian angel.






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© Ed Vos