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Ilse's Rain Orbs


An article by Ing. Horst Grünfelder, Germany



Abstracts are prepared to inform the photographer about my results, but only through a reduced description. You may not fully understand the whole context. The complete compendium is in work. My survey is based on the analysis of radiaesthetic waves.


Thank you Ilse, for your wonderful photo.


(*) all noted figures are so-called setting values (= EW) on a Lecher Antenna of R. Schneider. These values become adjusted with a slide on a circuit board and vary the receivable wavelengths. The Lecher Antenna works semi-physically like a dowsing rod. The waves hereby received are radiaesthetic waves. There exists a broad experience for these setting values. Such distinct EW will be localized on the photos within drawn lines.  



Light appearances in the rain, a photo of Mrs. Ilse Jenkins USA.


Mrs. Ilse Jenkins from Glasford Illinois USA catches rare and beautiful pictures. She frequently photographs at her house. Elements of light appear there which are almost unknown at other places.

I had recently examined her environment through documents
she provided. Gla
sford is full with geomancy.
The region
satisfies criteria, which ORB photographers have
ed advantageous. 


                                                             Original Photo                                                                             


Ilse often photographs in the rain. It is known that ORBs prefer
humidity. But this entails the difficulty to distinguish flash illuminated
raindrops from potential light beings. That made me hesitating to
scrutinize further photos from her.

I had to overcome this and to distinguish pure raindrops (=Regentropfen). From literature (*) three values seemed suitable: the 1.38 or possibly 7.8 and 10.8 as the middle of an underground water stream. I have tried these values, then varied them and can now operate with 5 suitable new EW. The result can be seen in this picture. I removed all larger raindrops except that in the middle. The remaining lights should mean something.


  Raindrops removed, except the one which is pointed to


I always start with a general advance interrogation: what is on the photo? A geomancy, the world of plants, spiritual entities, water beings, a general information field, vaguely the Plejones and Sirius B should be present.

Spiritual entities are marked on this foil. Below is an earth being (=Erdwesen), close to the last raindrop a moon being (=Mondwesen). Both do not play an active role. On the right side it is more interesting. Such veils are seldom. His EW identifies him as an air being (=Luftwesen). Across runs his small tail. He is shrouded by another air being.  


                                     Ghost beeings


I had discovered him on Sumerian roll seals. On both sides stand birdlike human hybrids. His border lines contain the new EW.

                                  Sumerian roll seal


On the right some classic ORB balls appear like those in the book "The ORB project" from Ledwith and Heinemann. They could represent one single type and it was confirmed by my frequency analysis. But also 4 whitish ball packages fall into the same category. All areas marked by turquoise belong to water beings, here different types of nymphs.


                                              Water beeings


One might speculate, whether the whitish were initially raindrops, now seized by them. I try to find it out. Did special water Cluster develop and formed valuable platonic shapes? The raindrop itself does not have any EW of these clusters, the turquoise have some. Again the whitish are different. All four have dodecahedron and icosahedron cluster. The great ORB however contains tetrahedron and hexahedron cluster, the smaller are similar.

From the next picture I have learned. According to my advance interrogations a general information field should be on the image. I scan his EW, but it is somehow hidden. I was looking for the information field of humans, of plants and of animals. From another source I knew that the water World seems to have its own information field. The photo offered a unique opportunity to test and to complete their EW.  They are not yet confirmed, therefore the following with reservation.


                                    Information field


Two levels of the water World are yellowy marked, the past (=Vergangenheit) and the future (=Zukunft). The air beings are wrapped with the past. The vertical veil strips, best visible on the not retouched first picture, contain the value of a future. Does the future penetrate into the past? One would like to know it.

If special moments show up, I have to test, whether my EW are eventually embedded in a broader waveband. Then they would be one of many and could not be interpreted in this manner. In this case we would have only a multiwave sector which happens sometimes. Here it was not the case.

The last picture shows part of the geomancy. The purple zones run through the meadow and most of the trees. The world of the trees is also present, but I will give no details.




Also I will not elaborate on special EW from the Sirius and the Plejones.

 © Ing. Horst Grünfelder




© Ed Vos