Dutch Light Orbs



FGK Project lightorbs 2006

Hude Germany

FGK means Forschungs Geseltschaft Kornkreise

It became a  project together with members of:

„Grenzwissenschaftlichen Treffs Bremen“


By Ed Vos

On june 17th and 18th for the second time an orbproject was organized. The members met eachother during the afternoon, and first went for a walk through the "schitthilgenloh", a wood, just at the otherside of the road the Peters family lives, who invited us for the project. That walk was ment to explore the surroundings during daylight, because it looks quite different in the dark, and give the members a bit of an impression.





After we all took part at that great barbeque the Peters family had organized, and it was almost sundown, we went in the woods with our camera's

During the walk that afternoon, I took the pics below, that shows a pink orb, on two pics taken the one after the other. Remark, there is a movement to be seen between the 2 pics, and the flash didn't work!





The photos below were taken in the evening.
There were more members, but this is a selection of the pics of
Frank Peters, Renate Strang en Ed Vos

At first we didn't get that much, as soon as we reached that Barn, obviously attrackting orbs, we got hundreds of them. Realize these are all pics out of a sequence. On some they appear, on some they don't, although only taken with a few seconds in between.


click on the thumbnails to enlarge them










The next day Frank and I went into the woods together. I (Ed) had a very strange erperience, I never had before! On the spot I was photographingI got a lot of pain at my legs, as if I had been walking through a field of
stinging nettles, in short trousers, but there weren't any stinging nettles, and I were wearing jeans. As I left that spot the pain was gone after a while.


See the photos below of that evening, and the barn seemed to be favourite again.






During the experiment, a movie was recorded, showing orbs.
Just click on the button below to see a part of it, frame by frame.




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© Ed Vos