Dutch Light Orbs




Experiments in Hude (Germany) 2008



This year a 4th lightorb experiment was organized in Hude (nothern Germany), by Frank and Anke Peters. This time after the first Lightorb symposium in Hude, where several lectures, from Germany and abroad, gave their lectures their lectures.
After this symposium on 28 june 2008, there has been taken a lot of pictures in the woods of Schnithigenloch.

This time there was a colaboration of a lot of international orbs photographers, that tuned in on what was happening in Germany. There also were a lot of international dowsers involved, that measured the changes in the  energetic grid, surrounding our planet.This all as an initiative of Ing. Horst Grünfelder A very skilled dowser.

The photos I made, I'll show you on this website

I photographed as well digital (Olympus TZ 1)  as analog (Olympus SZ 110).
As soon as I saw something interesting on the LCD display of my digital, I immediately made a picture wit my analog. Both cameras were mounted on a bracket, using the same tripod for that reason

The digital photos first:

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them









The analog photos, so taken on a rol of film







The day after that symposium and the experiment, we visited several powerplaces, again organized by Frank and Anke Peters. One of the targets was the "Engelmannsbäke" in the neighbourhood of the village of Visbek. A kind of long barrow. I went into it, and made a lot of orb pictures:


Only digital this time










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