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Infrared movies made by Suzanne van Eijk


We thank Suzanne, for posting her movies to us
and her allowance to publish them on this website

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Text by Ed Vos

I own an Infrared security camera, and monitor, on which I regularly see orbs flying. Because of lack of time, I haven't got the time to record them on video, and check the tapes afterwards. Suus liked to experiment with that set, and made the following movies


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Movie 1

Movie 2


From these videos frame by frame photos were made
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Frame by frame movies



These captures were taken on (movie 1) april 11th 2006 during the night. Lightsource were the build in IR leds in the camera, and on april 12th 2006, (movie 2) capured in the evening. Lightsource were the build in leds of the camera, and the lumination of the computer screen.

The images were recorded on VHS tape, later on transfered on DVD, and after that digitalized for use on computers. It did decrease the quality a bit, but the images are still interesting though.

More movies are to be found on the website of Suus: www.lichtbol-orbs.com




The captures were taken with the set below:



IR leds not active


IR leds active in the darkness






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Ed Vos