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From Butterfly to lightorb

Lijsbeth Demmer told me a remarkable story about how butterflies pointed her on the orb phenomenon. I thank her to having shared it with me, and her willingness to write the story below, to share it with the visitors of this site as well. Ed Vos DLO


From butterfly to lightorb

By Lijsbeth Demmer

Year after year  we go on holiday to sea. A couple of times a butterfly made such a holiday very particular. Also last summer.

I ran along the beach and found a butterfly along the seashore. The wings were wet of the sea. I put him on my finger to let the wings dry to the sun. He entirely clinged himself to me. Thus I walked certainly half a mile along the shore, crossed the dunes and had to do a considerably effort to put this butterfly on a bush. He didn't want to release. Immediately I knew he wanted to tell me a message and I had to be prepared for more signs.

A couple of days later I bought broccoli wrapped in plastic folie. When I stripped the packing off, I found a caterpillar within the broccoli. I  found it remarkabely so did daughter and her girlfriend. They made a cosy home for the caterpillar. In a jar. I want to mention that they have in fact passed the age (15) to do these things. We took a close watch on the caterpillar. After a couple of days the little girls had been shocked: the caterpillar was dead. Well, no, he was not dead, he proved to be pupating himself.

I thought: 'I must pay attention what happens on the day he turns into a butterfly and flies away. Unfortunately it took him a number of weeks to transform. We all were frightened he had perished and wouldn't become a butterfly anymore. Eventually the day he did, we missed the great event!

He moaned his way out on a day we helped some friends to clear away their tent.

It was the end of august 2006. The year in which my father died very sudden and ' unexpectedly '. Very quitly he also changed his jacket...

A month previously he and my mother still had camped in our tent, and still run along the same beach as were I found the butterfly.


By the end of September my father died. When my sister, brother and I found the spot for the burial ceremony, I saw several butterflies at the church. Very beautiful, very comforting. It was a splendid Idian Summer's day. It was a sign, everything was well. Thus that felt to me.

During my father's burial the weather still was beautiful. Everything was so warm and harmonious. We were intensely grateful that he had gone this way peaceful of one sleep to other sleep.

After the ceremony we ourselves carried the coffin outside. Afterwards my cousin said that there already had been a butterfly that flew with me. At first we had to drive a bit with the car before we were at the cemetery. On the church court we made a ring for the sepulchre of my father. Suddenly my daughter said to me: ' mummy, there is a butterfly on your coat '.



And that butterfly continued sit on my coat, whereas we stood there, said farewell and walked back to the car. Just then my sister-in-law has caught its camera and photographed the butterfly. By than he sat there at least already 10-15 minutes on my coat. And he continued to sit there, even when I stepped into the car. In the car he flew up, sat firstly on my brother's hand and flew afterwards to my daughter. At arrival of place of destination I  caught him and released him. He flew up! His wings were entirely orange on the inside. It was probably an orange sand eye. That is a butterfly who loves the sun. Astrologically the sun is the father.

I loved my father very deeply! My favourite spot as a child  was sitting underneath his coat on his lap. This was the last thing I told him before we carried him out the house. And then the butterfly came to sit on my coat, what a present!


A couple weeks later a butterfly sat against the window of my house chamber. It was raining cat's and dogs. He sat there,not for a couple of hours but 2-3 days behind each other. Just nearby the photograph of my father standing in the window-ledge. And a couple weeks later there were not 1 but 2 butterflies against the window! I live already 10 years in the same house, I had never experienced this.

By the end of October I was writing a foreword for a catalogue of a project  which I had made and runned directly after my father's death. I wanted to mention something about my father. Eventually it became 2 senses, but I was quite emotional as a result. When I came downstairs I saw again a butterfly against the window. I photographed that butterfly. And then I discovered the 'convexes'.In this way the light convexes, or orbs, have come into my life.


As from that day they're in the house, each and every day. All over the place.I have hundreds of photographs, I now only keep the really beautiful ones.


The tale does not stop here however. The signs pile themselves up. I cannot tell everything. But on 2e Christmasday something very particular happenend:

No Christmasballs but Christmasglobes

My daughter and I went on 1st Christmasday to my mother. That evening I got a strong feeling my father was present. That he simply sat on his chair. I wanted to photograph his chair, however,... something came in between? A visit? I can't remember.

The next morning we had to get up early because we were going to celebrate Christmas with the complete family at my brother's place. My mother should awake me at a quarter to eight, or even better, half past eight...

It was still completely dark when I woke up by a very firm pressure on my foot end. 'Bagger', I thought ,' now already?' I had no mind to it and turned myself again. But already I was not nicely laying anymore and after 5 minutes I thought: ' I must go out nevertheless, mummy has not awaken me for nothing '.

When I put on the light, time showed me it was only ten to eight. 'Jee', I thought , 'she's awaking me too early', and remained to lie still to become further awake. Whereas I laid there I noticed no sound downstairs. Nothing indicated my mother pottering/scraping? around. Also my daughter was deep asleep beside me. Furthermore there was no-one in the house. A sudden thought struck me by lightning: could it be? Could my father have woken me up? Just like him to do so, it couldn't be possibly any other way. Immediately I was wide awake and went down. To see from my mother she just got up. No, she had not been above yet. 'We didn't make that agreement. I would awake you at half past eight' she said on my question if she was the one that awoke me. When my daughter came downstairs and I told her the story, she reacted with: ' Fortunately, I already thought someone had put me in this morning.' Just like my father to make me awake considerably on time. Just like her grand daddy, to tuck her in, careful as he was!


But much time to think about it any longer we didn't have: we had a busy programme, little time that morning. However, I wanted to take a rapid photograph of my father's chair. Because of the previously evening. I made 3 photographs. Looking the photographs backwards I saw several 'light convexes', on each and every photograph. On one photograph the complete chamber had been decorated with (Christmas) convexes! In a split seconde I asked within myself: ' daddy,if it's you, would you please sit down on the chair?' You do not have to ask me what was sitting on the chair on the next photograph: a radiating convex. And on the next photograph a small orb sat on the large orb. 'Goh, even now he has little ones on his lap ', I thought , almost jealous. Only when we were on our way to my brother the nickel fall: it was meant as a symbol! I was the little one on his lap, under his the coat, wasn't that my favourite thing to do?  What a Christmas gift!

Foto 1                                                                       Foto 2


Foto 3                                                    Foto 4


Foto 5                                                                                      Foto 6


When I took the time to look well at the photographs, these proved to be more surprising than I already had thought.This years Christmas was very special. My father however has been very busy. Thank you, dear daddy!


Photograph 1 the large green light orb, left behind the chair on the jacket of my mother. On the collar a
                        brooch from Canada with the image of a guardian angel and on it a radiant orb. As if it wants
                        to say:don't worry, mummy is protected.

Photograph 2 - photographs 1-3 I took after each other.

Photograph 3 - after this photograph I asked the question within me. 

Photograph 4 - a small orb on the chair with a radiant light behind me, in front of the chair

photograph 5 - complete large orb in the middle of on the chair

photograph 6 - orb on lap of orb


Lijsbeth Demmer 2007





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Ed Vos