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Lightorb symposium in Hude (Germany) with  70



Translation mainly done by Annette van den Wijngaard


For the first time organised in a bigger scale, as the last 3 years,  A symposium was held in the weekend from 28th / 29th of Juni in the Almoorhauser Krug, municipal Hude/ district Oldenburg/Niedersachsen . A lot of orb-photographers world wide were engaged  who made pictures of lightphenomena.

About 70 participants and lecturers from Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Schleswig, Holland, Sunnyvale/California und also from Hong Kong ( made the trip from France to Germany ) , a lot of people wanted to see the Symposium once "live".

The symposium counted 7 lecturers . Also the Sceptici made allowance, so that all participants could see a correct survey.



After opening the symposium by Frank Peters (photo left) Ed Vos from Holland (photo right) had his lecture in which he mentioned all aspects concearning orbsphotography.




Left Renate Strang, to the right Klaus en Gundi Heineman, Carlifornia (USA)


Frank Peters  and Peter Hattwig


One of the biggest highlights of the orginasation was the speech of  Klaus Heineman Ph.d. . Klaus  was a NASA- fellowworker and proffessor at the Stanford University. He and his wife Gundi showed a lot of lightorb pics.
In connexion with churches and temples. All people found his classification from various Phenomena very interesting. He travels and speaks all over the world and he will be the next weekend in Glastonbury/England for a Seminar for 5 days. The seminar looks like the symposium like ours in Germany. Klaus is co-author of the book "orbs, the project".


After the speeches in Altmoorhausen from 20:00 till 23:00 a lot of people like Mediums, Photographers and dowsers went to the Huder Reiherholz.  Dipl. Horst Grunfelder and his wife were also there and also two other dowsers ad a medium yhat lives in the surroundings of Heilderberg/Frankfurt. The target from this action was to investigate if the Geomantic Timewindows changes by influences of those international involved dowsers and orbphotographers studying and influencing the "grid"around our planet.

 The photographers tried to look, if there were more ORBS to see in those timewindows.

The actions were supported by several meditations and the end was at 23:00 hours.
Results and useful information will be published  soon.



On Sunday 29 june 2008 a part ofm the group went on an excursion



On Sunday a group of people went for an excursion to te Wildeshauser Geest.The targets were the Longbarrows  in Engelmannsbäke bei Visbek (Germany) with the sacrifacial tables and the "Visbeker Bridegroom", the "Kleinkneten Steine" and the "Pestruper burialmountsfield.

The dowsers and the medium gave us a lot of information, about how the stones were positioned, and how they could handle the heavy stones in those days







Jo Conrads, from www.secret.tv interviewed some lecturers. More information will follow on this ,  and on the website www.fgk.org

The Nordwest-Zeitung (German daily paper in the region of Oldenbur) has published a message about this symposium


More pictures of that weekend:




The photos above were made by: Frank Peters, May-Britt Peters and Ed Vos

Because of that lot of positive reactions, Frank Peters will organize such symposia, concearning bordersiences more frequently in the municipal Hude, Germany.

For light orb photos taken during this weekernd see: Experiments in Hude Germany




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