Dutch Light Orbs




Lightorbs during a thunderstorm


During a very heavy thunderstorm, in the night from monday 2, to tuesday 3 june, Nel de Boer made pictures, p[ublished below, between 11.30 PM until 01.00 AM.

These pictures are a selection of the enormous amount she made. Remarkable is, that rond orbs, shooters and ectos came from time to time, and even came in the same pics. Nice to see is, that the big orbs are tranparent, and the smaller (shooters) are almost white. One cold expect IF it were raindrops, the bigger ones should be white instead of the smaller once, for because of the size the bigger ones should be closer to the lens, and should have catched more light of the flash.

Because of the humadity of the air, and the temperture, raindrops do have the same sizes. A nice proof we don't have to deal with raindrops in this case, but definately with the  orbs phenomena. The pics taken in between, don't show orbs, or at least less, and on a lot of them just rain is to be seen, without any orbs activity. The photos below are published in the sequence they were taken in.

Remarkable in this series, are the lot of orbs having different colours, as wel as the appearance of those rather vertical stripes, obviously caused by some of the orbs.

We thank Nel, a with this website collaborating orbs photographer, for posting this pics of this very remarkable series to us.

Her website with a lot of interesting stuff on it is to be found at:



















Besides the digital pictures above,

There also have been taken photos with an APS camera using film.








On 08-08-2008


Nel made the pictures below, during another thumderstorm.











Ed Vos