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A report of Horst Grünfelder
We thank Horst for his research and the allowance to publish it on this website



Abstracts are prepared to inform the photographer about my results. You may not fully understand the whole context. The complete compendium is in work. My survey is based on the analysis of radiaesthetic waves.

Thank you for your wonderful photo.

All noted figures are so-called setting values (= EW) on a Lecher Antenna® of R. Schneider. These values become adjusted with a slide on a circuit board and vary the receivable wavelengths. The Lecher Antenna® works semi-physically like a dowsing rod. The waves hereby received are radiaesthetic waves. There exists a broad experience for these setting values. Such distinct EW will be localized on the photos within drawn lines.

Spheric Planes, rare veil pictures from USA.

Ilse Jenkins lives in Michigan USA. Several leylines pass trough her home town of Glasford. She is a dedicated ORB photographer and profits from this geomancy. Hence she often provides rare photos. Recently I got again wonderfull pictures with veils, made within a series on August 28th 2008. I had already examined such spherical veils of hers, however I did not get a proper conclusion. Now I try it once more with these two subsequent photos which she made within 25 seconds.






Ilse often makes photographs during rain. This causes irritations. Her raindrops look rather similar to genuine ORBs. The left is the initial picture. Within the right I have eliminated almost all larger raindrops. I am able to differentiate them fom ORBs by analysing whether they emanate only pure water frequencies.



Now, few ORBs are left They identify themselves by the frequencies of an active consciousness. Such wavelengths classify perfectly most of the common circular ORBs. On the right side is the other photo which was made 25 seconds later. It was the most exciting picture within her series. If you enlarge it, you will find a surprising design like ornamental painting.

I classify those numerous small Shooters (right picture) as new arrivals to active consciousness originated from a waiting consciousness. Also, both emanate a distinctive wavelength.



The pictures contain also spirit entities. There is a moon being in the middle, painted in green. It remains there also after 25 seconds. The violet area behaves differently. Although it is some kind of air being, it is not very earthly. On prehistoric Sumerian reliefs it is shown as a man - bird creature. On such a Sumerian tablet it reveals a special relation to the sun and can be scanned for her wavelength.

It either bundles or wraps the spheric veils after 25 seconds. Apparently, it had already brought them along (left picture: in the front wedge). The question is, does it follow the veils or does it capture them? This cosmic entity is depicted on the Sumerian relief in connection with the planet Nibiru or with one of his spacecrafts. Surprisingly, on the left pic, all 5 wavelengths of Nibiru are spread overall. Some of them I am able to detect at or around genuine UFOs. They are commonly accompanied by quartz frequencies, here 5 of them are also overall. I would classify them as communication frequencies.




The next images show parts of our solar system. Left, 3 planets can be found, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Mars and Saturn appear within highlighted areas, Uranus is overall. But on the right image, Mars and Saturn disappeared, only Uranus still covers the whole photo. Hence, there is nothing to be drawn.



Let us assume, we observe here some kind of an invisible operation. Does this moment then contain any information? From a generic point of view, information can date from the past, from the presence or even from the future. In case my wavelenghts from the so called global information field are accurate, then the field of future appeared in both pictures. On the left it hovers in the middle and then concentrates there a few seconds later. I did not query about the meaning.


Above and on the left pic, wavelengths of Nibiru or of his spaceships were found throughout. In the right picture most disappeared except for the wavelengths of 17.13 cm and 17.4 cm. There was a similar connection by the air nature with these operative signals of the Nibiru on the Sumerian reliefs. I am not able interprete this.

Horst Grünfelder, Germany November 13th 2008.





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