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Orbs and soundrecordings at the Hearts hotel on the Puszta

By Ed Vos

During the summer of 2002, Nel and I, following the coincidences that occured to us, stayed on the estate called the "Hearts Hotel" on the middle of thee Hungarian Puszta. By means of e-mail, I got again in contact, after 5 years with Marjan, the owner of the Hearts Hotel.

On her property, stands a scale model of the big pyramide at Gizeh, and it's perfectly adjusted north/south.



After inspecting the estate, and putting our luggage in the small house, where we should sleep in during our holidays, we first slept well, after a very long drive.

Remarcable was the perfect balance between the energies. There was no negativaty, nor positivity. It was all in balance on the perfect way. So, an ideal place for Marjan's Hearts Hotel. By means of dowsing, we figured out there were several leylines on the estate, drawn parellel to eachother, or crossing with a perfect 90 degrees angle. A pattern hard to be found normally,but reepresenting the perfect harmony.

It's impossible to show you all the pics we've made, but show you a few.

As to be expected, there was a lot of orb activity around the pyramide.




Also the more as 200 years old cottage of baked clay, we lived in, was accompanied by orbs as well.



Of course, we had that special attention towards thee pyramide, and made a lot photo's overthere.
Alot of times we got a mist, unexplainable photographically. The pyramide has a door, that goes up if you open it. We photographed under that door, so no sunlight could acces the lenssystem of the camear's. Besides that, the pictures were taken on different times, so the sun stood on different places. All pics with mist weree taken with flash



The left hand corner in front seemed to be interesting. By means of dowsing, we figured out that in this corner of the 3 x 3 metres pyramide, about 50 cm away of it, there was a very strong energy pilar.
So not in the middle as one should expect. Reason for a further research.


A few weeks later, we got a picture taken by Marjan of her friend inside the pyramide. Again a kind of "mist"appeared.






We made several sound recordings, positioning the microphonee exactly on the dowsed place.

At the end it resulted in 2,5 hours of tape recordings, of wich we can only publish a short piece on our site, as you will understand.

Exerps and diagrams are to be found below. Just click on the diagram to heear the sound recordings.


Click on the diagrams to hear the sounds



EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomonons)  of this first sound, are to be heard on:






DaniŽl Burgers was so kind to manipulate the soundrecordings, and triggered a synthesizer with them. Just click the button to hear the amazing sound effects.
Take care! More as 4,5MB




Another very remarcable picture was made by us of Marjan.

Marjan had a plaquete with crystals on is, performing the Merkabah. We wanted to see if we got orbs on those pictures as well. Insteadd of that, we photographed Marjan's heart energy. A energy that works very strongly with her, and unexpectedly appeared on the photo.


More information about Marjan and her Hearts Hotel is to be found on:





Reacties: orbs@hetnet.nl


© Ed Vos