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Stories from Brittany

In late 2017 we bought a house in Finistère in Brittany in a little village called Plougasnou. The house is not far from the magnificent granite coast, just south of the huge Bay of Morlaix. It is a 20 minutes walk along an old road steep down to "la Pointe de Primel", a granite headlead jutting out into the sea protecting the harbour of Diben.

This page links to a number of stories written about things to see and enjoy in the region.

Walking down to the coast from our house there is the village of Primel Tregastel centered on a magnificent granite headland jutting out into the sea. A granite buttress battling the sea and humans battling each other with a story that goes back to prehistoric times.

One almost starts thinking that this place may be where Goscinny and Uderzo got their inspiration for their Asterix and Obelix stories as the key
ingredients are all there: big prehistoric stone
remains, dwarfs of all kinds, sirens, romans and ruins of all ages in a stunning scenery.

Pointe de Primel

Only a few kilometres from Plougasnou is one of the oldest man-made structures in the world: the "Cairn of Barnenez". It beats the oldest pyramids and Stonehenge by more than 2000 years, yet it is very little known. Before visiting one should know the story of this cairn as otherwise you may never realise it is a lot more than just a big old pile of rocks.

The Cairn of Barnenez

The nice little village of Saint Jean du Doigt, with one of the best examples of an 'Enclos Paroissal' and the story of a famous finger.

Saint Jean du Doigt


Our house in Plougasnou

Our house in Plougasnou

We named it Ti Aval, the house of the apple, because of the small apple orchard that belongs to it.


The Grand Cairn of Barnenez

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