Qalaat Al-Gindi, 24-25 March 2000

Some 50 km East of Ras Sudr is the 12th century fort built by Salah ad-Din. The fortress occupies a prominent peak, guarding the entrance of one of the main wadi's on the eastern side of the Sinai. This was a central meeting place for the three caravan routes that crossed the Sinai, but was also intended to be a fortification against attacks by the Crusaders.

From the top of the fortress magnificent views over the Sinai. The walls still stand for more than 2 metres high. Inside the walls some very well preserved very large vaulted rooms and a large vaulted water cistern.

Campsite with the hilltop fortress as a backdrop.The fortress can already be seen from a distance of some 10 kilometres.

@ J. Schreurs March 2000