My Graphic Book

I'm working as a graphic artist in an atelier with an old printing press. There I spend my days developping etches and lithographs. This is quiet a time consuming process as it is based on historical past. Most work is spend by fine tuning the lithographic stone to the right proportions as it has to be as flat as possible. Then there is made a coating with carborundum to give the surface the right grain. Then follows the drawing process with crayon or tuche to make an image that accords my idea of that moment. Hence the drawing is coated with arabian gum and etched into the stone to give it a printing capeabillity. Further on there is the process of inking this surface with a big inkroller which takes some intense power to divide the ink on the printing surface. After that it is possible to collect a print by covering it up with a sheet of paper which is drawn through the press with a firm pressure.
Another possibillity is to make a drawing on a plate of sinc which has been covered with a surface of wax and asfaltum. By drawing in this wax the surface of the plate becomes clean again and can be etched with acid to the right imprint. Then the wax is solved with white spirit and cleaned up again so the drawing is a slightly divided surface propotion. With ink these lines or shapes are covered and brushed off again to clean up the higher surface back into inkfree space. So now there is a sinc plate with a clean hightened surface and shapes and lines filled with ink. When covered with a sheet of paper and cloth of silk it is drawn through the press with slightly right pressure so the ink is printed on the paper.

"SUNFLARE" - etch - 60 x 50 cm - 1978 - Rien Brouwers

"ARCHTECTIVE" - etch - 50 x 50 cm - 1978 - Rien Brouwers

"INTEGRATED" - etch - 60 x 50 cm - 1978 - Rien Brouwers

"TWISTEDVIOLIN" - Lithography - 50 x 40 cm - 1985 - Rien Brouwers

"CAZORLA Spain" - Lithography - 45 x 60cm - 1987 - Rien Brouwers

"Pantharei" Airbrush / dayglow - 1994 - 90 x 50 cm - Rien Brouwers

"ORDER IN SPACE" - Airbrush - 1994 - 60 x 50 cm - Rien Brouwers

"CYBERNAUT" - Oilpainting - 1994 - 40 x 30 cm - Rien Brouwers