Another load of spanked music samples I improvised on my search to new musical ways of composing, tracks of sound morphings ,combined with guitar and organ , some percussion and lots of hillarical ambiciance! Maybe it won't survive the top of the tunytune downloads, for me it's still a comfortable enjoy to lay my ears down to this strange various float of chunking vibe waves.Not intended as commercial, stricktly "Funny BootLeg Productions - 2002"

Some enlightened strings sometimes colour my days. Sometimes the night pours out of my guitar. You can fill an ocean, with words how to express music, and nuts can hang from the branches of a single tree. So easy to linger with words, when the hand is out of play. But so hard to sing even one chord, when the song itself wanders away, affraid to confess, so straight from the heart. Life can beat harder, than the heart can live. But music can sing softer, than the weeping willow's leave is short. So let it gether onward my path unknow, where her branches will bend to, I surely will go

All multyplay tracks. Recorded as different sounds, which are layered one after another. Made on moments of sweet inspirations. And the good equipment, to collect the wav files, as well as the Magic Music Studio for melting them together. Sounds recorded in the ten years after the eighties, and were blended in the nineties to be fit on this nice CD. Pure instrumental, unsung. Not intended as commercial, stricktly "Funny BootLeg Productions - 2001"