Watching the HellBoy movie I got intrigued with that dark soldier. The one with the musket skills. Strange creature could turn a knob in itself and then vanish into a foam of sand. Weary oppenent, if I recall. I have a model for Hellboy, but then it came up to me when I used in a mod, he is the first person. So basicly I would only need a big wrist. Whatever, let it skermish behind that red devil. Who knows, some day it servers in a HellBoy mod.
There was this mod "Future versus Fantisy". Great mod, a bit harsh, but well done for that time. The fact it wad a TC is a lot of worth! New enemies, a rather unbalanced monster fight, great use of game space mapping. There was this strange rolling turrit, I thought it would go better. As more models I took from it to enhaunce it in some way. This one looked good, with a kind of sharp round wheel in it. Ready to clean your keyboard, if you are ready.
Another one was the Golum. Frustrating, because the thing had that amount of health, it was not possible to kill it in one round. Only an awfull blast of missile could bring the thing down. left me a bit out of ammu, first thing I could do is was, as soon as I saw it, search for hide. It ended the map every time for me. 1000 health, it is not a boss fighter! It looks a bit like the gorilla in Doom1.
Turbosquid has lots of prefabs, some are fantastic, other clumbsy. This one looked like a fat toad, self condemned in its place near te water. In this panteric suit it feels like unharmfull That iz.., as long asits lavaball won't track you down. Its movement is more like a demon_fiend. It has a lavaball that spits out at the time. And afterall, from where come all these frogsounds anyway?
Little creep, it was in Chasm the thing got a hold on me. Especially because of the way it could only be shot pointing to the ground. But hen it is too late, because the damn thing gets stick in your foot.They're almost as small as that minispiders from Quoth. +mlook aty distance, but fortunately their b_box is the same 64 bit height.
The models of fFutere versus Fantisy didn't were that bad, just a bit wonky. I though if they just had some extra frames they would become solid. That little bit an it would change the chop stick in a a well balanced entity to fight with. They have that chopstick way of moving. Not so strange, knowing they were made with the simplest forms of triangles. Or have a cup of coffy. :P
What would happen if the creaure would slide along the floor? Low ends, to hide behind the crates, but has the same chase a demon fiend. Maybe there that consistency with the name Demon. Onlt this one is more skinned like a smooth shambler. The original frame has a remarkable consistency with the demon_fiend.
Wandering on TurboSquid I downloadedarine pack. It had all kind of machine enemies. One got my attention. Skull Hunter. A rare combination of a weird robot, that had a launcher on its shoulder, with some skull on his brest. He looked good, if it had the right animation to go. So I fidled something with pulsing injectors and slowly saw my frankenstein come alive. Only.., it is so big! While teleporting it gets struck in the ceiling. And its rockets are hard to come by!
At the time I made the Chasm mod, I was stunned by the way it had no lizard in it. The earliest vieuwer showed a Joker and a kind of Lizard, but I never found them in game. So I was left to myself to make one. It couldn't be that hard. Bad fact for entities is, that they better need to be square to make them fast turning. So as longer a model becomes, how slower it atracts. This one is 2:3 , what gives it a strange way of turning.
The Skeleton from Quake3. Another shrine. Converting models can be a pain in the ass. Q3 models mostly are three seperated models. To make them compatibel with quake they need to be attached. Merging is a sollution, although the hack of position stays a bore. Then the transparants on models of modern engines start shining through the thing. The living death, on the run. If I ever get that hungry, I would run for ever!
Juist out of the blue. Let's have a Not ShootableSubject. Let's make the zomby dance its dance. I converted the zombie with BioVision, a prog that has the poses from real live integrated. So the zombie starts dancing like a real creature would do. A bit hard to gether the frame, as they became scattered all over the frame editor. Lighted it up with a burning torch, so its light spread creates wonderfull views.
A Flag to linger on our castle. My kingdom for a horse, my flag for a good dinner. How do I make such flufphy thing come to life? There must be a reason Q3 sings "east", when gathering the squaddamge First I was glad to find the flag, then I became suspicious, as I captured the flag! Now I have become the trophy. Something with the wind.