Daleks! I have missed the telephonecell of Dr.Who.The vaining sounds must have taken my ears, I should have taken more care. Now they're here and my only escape is to find a more crancy surface to walk on, so they'll faint in their flat surface effort. Maybe I will get hit by one of its lasers, but still I got the advantage of orientating better on low ground. How did they get here anyway? Travelling At Real Distance In Space.
I hardly ever found the dopefish, how hard I tried of having heard of it. And then I found it after well reading the cheat levels, and felt a bit stupid. I expected some wizardness like getting drunk in the vendor. Never learned to code it like wailing colours, only trigger earthquake did a little shake. Good effect for this one, as it is a bit out of order. That iz.., has rather spiked teeth, and a wailing way of looking.
In dark waters there will be fishes with twinkeling lamps, wandering through the dephts of shadows, roaming on the small outsides, where curious small fishes come to the light, like mots fladdering round a flame. I surely would need some light after stepping into some maps of quake, with that hellish darkness, not knowing if its in front or behind me.
Wandering on func_msg there was a scribbe about a new quake monster that would grab the player's head and eat it. With some irony someone called it a HeadCrab, and how it would look like getting a trashcan on your head, and it sucks you out. Not a pleasant way to get treated, I think. While this toppic ran, I decided to make "like a whatever", that would look something alike. This one is distributed in "QuakeRemake". And it has a perfect way of illuminating the player..
If there's a RottenFish, where's the Ranger that fills his boots waterproof and goes diving with a harpoon , glitching into that shallows, and stay away for them? Poor basterd should watch out for eals and other swampeys. Sad quake's engine is that bad "in water" gameplay. There is no sense in height against buttom.
Once a Knight got so drunk, he ended up in the watershore and fell into the swamp. He lay there for houres, untill the bad smell made him ill, so he changed into a Zomby Knight, and adepted all lousy skills these awfull creatures have. Slowly the dirt start filling up his metal armor, untill it did nothing more as to be been blown up, as normal shells only made him wake up again!
q1_zomby knight
Another toad alike jurker. Lurking in the swamps it peddles and walks with a niphty jump. Stay aware for its tacky slimeball that it launches from distance. Before you're well atwitz the creature dwells back into the water, waiting for your wateralfa set at 1, so it can at least escape to your jamming gun.
The early screens, before Quake was published, there was this Ogre that had a Shield in stead of a Chainsaw. Later this was changed into a Grenade launcher. The idea kept me wondering. What if, when these original standards could go back into nowadays. Alright, give an Ogre its Shield and Axe, make it have a defence code. I added poses for the delayed "piz on the player and laugh" poses, as the skirming fly poses. What an Elden Ogre that would be! See him running, with its awfull flee atracting groan.
Elder creature escaped from in the ban from the Ring, the Balrog. It will hover or run up to you, untill its lavaballs are thundering your health quotes broken. I hate that Dark Lords! They're so mean in guestering their absence of light, that it it is hard to determine. Somewhere that bastard is hiding, but my ears only hear that geeking "Thay Shall Not Pass!".
Having played a mod, I was rather quaked after it, had a small survivor guide along the player, that could change the viewer spectative. Somehow the modder was suceeded in having the "head"of the player into that thing and just travell on a lower lever in the map. I tried to do so, but I never got my qc that strong . Model has a very small b_box. (32x32).
As soon as I saw the Q3 Dragonite I was tempted to get it in Quake1. Not sure what it was, but the design atracted me. And although it were three extended parts I had to take care they would move smoothly. Not that bad for the outcome, but I was really glad when it got a flamethrow breath, what makes it owlesky stupid.
There was a Sexbot that took my attention. A bit strong, well brested and for ever sexy! As I saw the simply construction I imagened, what it would be if she carried a bow and arrows. She would be like an Amazone, venturing the shady world between whoman and warriour.
My worst fear.., getting toggled between a giant while the grains of sand underneath me are crumbling. The Lyon Ant, the harverster of the smallest, He's rude, he is unfaithfull, He is .., well, bad! It has a nasty way of flying up and then again, it walks away in the drench of the swamp. It escaped HalfLife2 and now it needs some fresh prey in the Quake regions.
Zerstorer, du bist unheimgrundlich! Manche Furchten habe ich durcheinander entschlossen, aber du bracht harde kopfzeer an der Wahnsee! Du hast mein traumen ziemlich im GotDammerung gebracht! Nimmer sol ich noch deine claustern herum streifen! Mein zhal ist gegeben. RamStein soll meine weltschmerz bleiben! q1_Zerstorer