Bicycle parking at the right place As a land of bicycles, the Netherlands has a lot of experience with parking  facilities for bikes. Both good and bad. What we have learned from this is that the location is critical. However  incongruous it may seem, cyclists are actually lazy. The bike is a means of  transport for going from door to door, and frequently that is literally what  happens. The doors of many cycling destinations have become difficult to get to because of all the parked bikes. In order to tempt people to park their bikes in  parking facilities, these facilities don't just have to be good; they also have to be in the right place. In fact the area has to be laid out in such a way that you  virtually automatically cycle into the parking area. And they have to be in a place that is logical, so that cycling around or some other detour is avoided. In order to achieve this it is not just the design of the parking facilities that is crucial; the  layout of the immediate environment is just as important. This means that  offering good bicycle parking facilities means a lot more than just offering a good bike shelter or racks. It must work as a whole. For bicycle parking to be well used it should be located at the end of a cycle track. So an area-based approach is  essential for achieving a good parking solution.   A good example of an area-based approach is the proposed new bicycle parking at the site of the Knoopkazerne in the station district in Utrecht. This facility forms part of an urban design plan that I have steered through on behalf of Utrecht city council. The accessibility of the new bicycle parking and the logic of the cycle  approach routes form an important element within the district development plan. Whether or not we have got this right will shortly become apparent. Anita Dirix Projectmanagement Anita Dirix Projectmanagement