SOLD: Borrani 15 inch chrome disk wheels as used on Maserati Sebring, Mistral and QP1, will fit Mexico, Indy, Ghibli, QP3, etc        Deutsch English



These 15 x 6.00 inch wheels were used on many Maserati Sebring, Mistral and QP1, but will also fit other Maserati's from the 60s and 70s like Mexico, Indy, Ghibli, QP3, Khamsin, etc.

These are full steel wheels (so not bi-metalic with alloy). The steel is chromed.

The wheels are in very good condition, no damages, they can be mounted directly.
The chrome is in average condition (Note 3, daily driver), it looks better in the pictures than in real. Some polishing might improve it, but still average condition!

Please note: the wheel caps on the last pictures are NOT included, caps are mounted for illustration only. They can be bought separately, click here to see wheel caps


For illustration only, the wheel caps are obtainable separately, not included (click here to see more on wheel caps):



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