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The distributor is in very nice condition and spins very good.
It has no points or condensors which are renewed anyway normally.
The only other thing missing are the 2 plates that hold the points. If you plan to use an electronic Hall sensor, these plates should be adapted anyway (see discussion on Lamborghini Talk forum). I've seen them for sale at The distributor is complete with the unique drive gear for Urraco on the lower side.

I'm not a Lamborghini man but sometimes some Lamborghini parts come to me, as this distributor.

I did some investigation and found out that this specific type S127E is for the Lamborghini Urraco. I've seen other discussions, where people mention that the Ferrari 308/328 distributor (type S127G) is the same, but this is only partly true. Same for the Alfa Montreal distributor (types S127C and S127D).
The Urraco distributor has a longer shaft and housing on the rear and there is also the gear to drive the distributor, which are specific Lambo parts I believe.

What is the same with Ferrari and Alfa I think are the rotor, cap, points and condensor (which is nice if you need to find parts).

I would like 1000 Euro for the distributor as pictured.

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Thanks for looking.

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