SOLD: Maserati 3500 GT Engine, 1959, early type with external oil pump and external oil filter, engine number 101-430, overhauled        Deutsch English



The engine is a very early 3500GT engine, identified by a completely different oil pump, different timing chain tensioner and at last another oil filter which is NOT bolted to the engine.

The engine is overhauled in the US by an expert around 1998, it has never run since. The overhaul alone costed about $10.000 then, according to the previous owner. I don't have any receipts on the overhaul, but I don't have any reason to not believe the the previous owner.

All important parts have been measured and if needed been changed, anyway, bearings and pistons are replaced, the engine is therefore as new.

The engine is complete as on the pictures. The cam covers and flywheel are included, and a NEW front crankshaft pulley (in the first pictures not mounted yet, but in the last 2 pictures visible).

Also included (visible separate in the pictures) is the very rare external oil filter, only used on very early engines. This is connected over 2 high pressure hoses of which one is also included.


ADDED: front crankshaft pulley (left one in picture):

ADDED: External oil filter and high pressure hose:



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