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The engine is an original 3500GT engine, internal engine number is 1452, there is no 'AM101-xxxx' VIN number on the rear behind the starter.
The cylinder head has number 1151. All numbers are visible in the pictures below.

It is complete as visible in the pictures, needing a complete overhaul.

The block appears very original and does not seem to have been overhauled before, the crankshaft still has the original sizes: 76,1 mm main bearings and 57,1 con rod bearings!
Only the front main bearing cap (with the oil pump attached) has a different number (992) than the block and the other 6 main bearing caps (1452).
The pistons still have the original size of 86 mm. Pistons need to be changed, but liners will be very usable.

The cylinder head is complete with its original cam shaft bearing caps (all numbered 1151) and cam shafts.
Also present are most of the internals (valves, valve springs, spring cover plates, half-moons, studs) but missing are the cam followers which are obtainable new.
I noticed that the valve shafts are a little bit thicker than the valve guides, I'm not sure if the valves are original but they are also easily obtainable new.

Also included with the engine are:
- Oil filter adapter
- Flywheel
- Front pulley
- Cam cover exhaust side (the other side is obtainable new, I can provide the address)




Marc Florie

Kerkrade / Holland (the Netherlands)

Phone (0031)-(0)6-53 896 476