SOLD: Maserati Mistral 3700, 1967, alloy bodied, very original and complete, for restoration        Deutsch English



Chassis number:       AM-109-1200          Engine number (Matching):    AM-109-1200

Exterior color:           Red (orange)           Interior color:                               Beige (biscuit)

Number of gears:     5                                   Wheels:                                          Borrani wire wheels 15 (5 times)

Brakes front:              Disk                             Brakes rear:                                  Disk

Options:                       Rear demist             Mileage:                                        59.750 km !


Car is imported from US with paperwork from the state Georgia (so called 'Motor Vehicle Receipt' instead of a title, since Georgia is a non-title state for cars prior 1986), all import duties for Europe are paid.


100% original, never welded, repainted once many years ago in original color, even the original fuel-injection system is present.

100% complete except for side mirrors, thermostat and thermostatic switch (otter switch), easy and not expensive to get new.

Condition body:

Overal good condition for age, exterior paint faded and chipped, some rust in sills, alloy condition good except from some bubbles on rear wheel arches/rear quarter.

Comments: was parked and put in dry storage some 20 years ago, probably because of broken alternator! The alternator is Bosch, so every Bosch service can repair it.


With patina, some rips in leather of seats, but biggest part usable with some cleaning/refreshing.

Instruments and dashboard:

Instruments are in good and working condition, even the clock is working. The dashboard is very nice.


Everything in good and working condition, except alternator (Bosch, so every Bosch service can repair it). Wiper motor and window motors are stuck but use current when switched on, need cleaning and oiling.

Engine, gearbox and clutch:

Engine (3700 cc) runs nice with startpilot for 5 seconds, very good compression on all cylinders (10-11 bar) and oil pressure, no strange noises, had not been running prior for about 20 years, injection needs new seals and gaskets to prevent fuel from getting in the engine oil, therefore while starting the fuse for the injection fuel pump was removed.

Gearbox shifts smoothly through all 5 gears, has original shifter knob.

Clutch still has pressure and disengages.


Some surface rust on doorbottom, gaps are very nice.


Perfect, rear window has rear demist!


Locks and keys (no key for steering column and hatch):

Perfect gaps:

A view from below:

Please note, footwells/floorboards are made of polyester (original!), all isolation boards present, engine, gearbox and rear axle dry, no signs of accident ever. Some rust in (iron) sills and (alloy) rear wheel arches/quarter panels.




Marc Florie

Kerkrade / Holland (the Netherlands)

Phone (0031)-(0)6-53 896 476