SOLD: Maserati Mistral 4000, 1967, rare 4000 version, unfinished restoration                Deutsch English



Chassis number:       AM-109-A1-1160                               Engine number (Matching):    AM-109-A1-1160

Exterior color:           Silver (Silver Saechi 106E1)           Interior color:                               Black (Connolly Pac 1560)

Number of gears:     5                                                               Wheels:                                          Borrani wire wheels 15 (5 times NEW)

Brakes front:              Disk                                                         Brakes rear:                                  Disk

Mileage:                       0 km since overhaul


Car is imported from US with title from the state Florida, all import duties for Europe are paid.


100% original, even the original fuel-injection system is present. According to factory records this Mistral left the factory in March 1967 and was silver with black interior ... same as today.

According to factory records sold to 'Mr. Malago, Roma, Italy'.

It is 98% complete with a list of missing items (the inner door panels and some of the small pieces of trim, the list can be found below). Rubbers need to be bought new (I have address for supply).


Very good condition, bills for over $100.000 for engine overhaul, body restoration, chrome (nearly everything rechromed), interior restoration (new leather), new wire wheels, etc.

Comments: Unique opportunity to acquire a partially completed "nuts and bolts" Mistral coupe restoration. The car came from the sale of an estate. Much of the difficult and expensive work has been completed, including body work, paint, chrome, engine work, brakes, fuel injection (rebuilt by Kinsler), new exhaust, Borrani wheels redone by 'Dayton wire wheels', new tires, and seats re-leathered. The restoration is fully documented with photos and over $119,500 in receipts ... that does NOT include the initial cost of the car! This Mistral has the desirable 4.0 liter engine (matching numbers), 5-speed, Borrani wire wheels and original Lucas fuel injection. The main and important parts are all there and are easy to verify: the windshield and other glass, chromework, seats, tail lights, etc are all included. Prospective purchasers are welcomed to inspect the car and loose parts. Mechanically the car is mostly together and was tested (see invoices). It still needs some amount of assembly, including the interior trim pieces, headliner, carpeting, door glass re-assembly, plus other. This Mistral is ideal for someone that is mechanically inclined and can do most of the reassembly work himself. The out of pocket expenses should not be too much as the expensive items have already been done.


Marc Florie

Kerkrade / Holland (the Netherlands)

Phone (0031)-(0)6-53 896 476


Mistralreceipts.gif Click to see the factory record for this car and all bills!

Pictures of body:

Pictures of new Borrani wire wheels (5 times, 1 still in original box) with new tires (4 times):

Pictures of underbody and frame:

Pictures of doors:

Pictures of wheel arch front left, note new brakes and steering:

Pictures of wheel arch front right, note new brakes and steering:

Pictures of wheel arch rear left, note new brakes:

Pictures of wheel arch rear right, note new brakes:

Pictures of jack supports (front left and right, then rear left and right) and sill from below:

Pictures of interior:

Pictures of engine bay:

Pictures of internals of original Lucas injection metering unit (overhauled and as new):

I only took it off to check it, it is very good. This unit is so called 'Oil-less', which means it is improved to prevent getting fuel into the oil (a.o. the seal has double lips). This is the highest evolution of the Lucas MK1 injection system and a real advantage (some say a 'MUST HAVE') towards the older metering units that were oil-lubricated! It is original for this late Mistral.


These pictures were taken wenn the car was in the USA. In the mean time, I've checked all parts with the car against the 'parts manual' and against another Mistral I had. From these checks I can say I have a real good view on how complete the car is. There is only a small list of missing parts, most of them can be bought new or could easily be made by yourself (see list after pictures of parts).

Mistralreceipts.gif Click to see the small list of missing parts.

Oil leak:

Unfortunately, during a recent run of the engine, after a few runs of several minutes, the head gasket started to leak oil (quite a lot, so it should be fixed before the engine is run again). It is known that the old gaskets with the rubber surrounds were not very good and because the cylinderhead was never re-tightened in 1995 (because it then never ran its first 1000 km), this might have caused it. I have a new head gasket, which I will supply with the car. This gasket is more modern, it does not have the rubber surround but it is made out of modern gasket material. The first picture shows the new gasket, the other two show the internal oil line between the cylinderhead and the block where the oil leaks:

Little damages:

Over the years in storage (the work on the car was done between 1991 and 1995!), the paint got some little chips/scratches. In next pictures I try to give a good view, but they are so small that it is very hard to see in the pictures.