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- Chassis and technical components are a MATCHING NUMBERS Maserati Sebring 1 from 1962.
- The A6GCS replica body shell is complete and came from Giordanengo in Cuneo (Italy), who is very famous for his Ferrari/Maserati/Alfa recreations. He did excellent work in the 80s.
- The chassis is shortened and the rear axle is made narrower to the dimensions of an A6GCS Spyder.
- Of course it will need finishing work but all main shapes are ready in alloy, also included are steel frames for bonnet and trunklid.
- Note: Left sill is higher, leaving space for an exhaust like original.

- Engine is MATCHING NUMBERS 3500 Sebring engine (GTIS).
--> The injection is converted to carburettors. The set consists of an inlet manifold, 3 very nice Weber 45 DCOE carburettors and a fuel pump that together came of a good running 3500 GTI (which was converted back to injection).
--> Also correct carburettor valve cover and NEW water pump included.
- The previous owner told me: "The engine is one of the ones that were supposedly rebuilt by Randy Randazzo in the 70s and 80s. Chances are you need to rebuild it completely but it should not have gig surprises. At that time, Randy rebuilt engines using some used parts but parts were abundant so the ingredients seemed to be all good my experience tells me. I bought about 100 units from him in maybe 1987."
- The transmission is a very nice 5 speed ZF S5-18/3 in good condition. It has been mated to the 3500 engine (clutch housing is changed) and mounted with a new clutch plate and release bearing. It came from a Maserati Biturbo 4.24v (4-valve engine with 245 HP) with 90.000 km. It has a shifting pattern with the 5th gear on the rear right (like 4th gear on old Maserati's like A6GCS).
- Engine and gearbox are moved back within the chassis (about 40 cm) like in A6GCS for better weight balance.
- The rear axle is shortened (narrower) about 9 cm and has disk brakes with both callipers (only right rear bracket is missing). Front disk brakes are present with both callipers.
- It will be a very nice car to race or drive, based on a true racing car from Maserati in 1953.

- The Borrani wire wheels mounted on the front are original for Sebring 1 (Borrani RW 3823), I don't know where the Borranis at the rear came from, but likely from Sebring or a racing car of some sort.

- The revcounter instrument is Jaeger for Maserati, like 3500 GT but a bit darker in colour (maybe late A6G or early 3500 GT). Also 2 small instruments for oil and water (like later Sebrings), 3 switches from that era (like 3500 GT), a press button to start and a dash light (like 3500 GT).
- Head lamps are Carello (with E3 type reference, so OK for Europe).

- There are some further parts present, like the new water pump, the inlet manifold with 3 Weber 45 DCOE carburettors and fuel pump, a nice old radiator, a fuel tank with separate fuel cap (one-click racing style), 2 seat bodies (polyester), alternator, 2 ignition coils, hand brake handle for under-dash mount, ....

- Missing parts I know: drive axle, right rear bracket for brake calliper (the calliper is present), exhaust, tail lights, windscreen, spare wheel, pedals with master cylinders, cabling.

Car will be sold with a Bill of Sale and import documents from USA into Europe (Holland). I have received information from Maserati Classiche, giving details about how it was produced new (as a Sebring), see 'Production Details'.

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