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For my Maserati 3500 GT (1959) I'm looking for several missing parts with which I hope to complete my car.
I've identified all parts by circling them in colour in the original drawings of the parts manual, if you click on them they enlarge.
If you have any parts, even broken of with missing sub-parts, or even if you have A COMPLETE CAR, please contact me, I would be very gratefull.

I'm also looking for a workshop manual (Montage-, Bedienungs- und Wartungsanleitung) for the ZF S4-17 and/or S5-17 gearboxes, I prefer PDF but hard-copy is fine too!

Thanks in advance and with kind regards.


Marc Florie

Kerkrade / Holland (the Netherlands)

Phone (0031)-(0)6-53 896 476

Mail: marcflorie@kpnplanet.nl 



Some additional pictures as reference:

Gearbox ZF S5-17 (or S4-17):

External oil filter, connected with hoses:

Fuel pumps 'Mono Flux':

Quarter vent handles for early edged quarter vents:

3 small instruments (Acqua, Benzina, Olio):

Washer bottle and Ignition coils:

Door internals for manual windows:

Horns (Magneti Marelli) and air inlets for heater:

Doorlock left (SAFE or SPEC):

Front flasher:

Ashtray (with or without Maserati logo):

Manual window winders and door opener handles:

Wiper wisher mechanism (and wiper arms for it) TGE 68A 12V:

Connection for rev-counter cable on rear of cylinder head:

Trident for front grille:

Light switch CEAM TORINO (prefer version with reostat):

Lights interior (left) and trunk and engine (right):



Marc Florie

Kerkrade / Holland (the Netherlands)

Phone (0031)-(0)6-53 896 476

Mail: marcflorie@kpnplanet.nl