SOLD: Maserati 3500 GT gearbox, ZF S5-17 (5-speed), very good condition        Deutsch English



The gearbox is complete with shifter and rear flange. Optional is the clutch (bell) housing with the axle, levers and bearing for the clutch.
The only thing missing is the reverse light switch, it is obtainable new. The number of the gearbox is 251.

It was stored as a spare for many years by a Swedish collector, before I bought it some years ago for my oldest 3500. It was dry-stored all those years.
Because now I've decided to mount an original 4-speed S4-17 in this very early car, I'm selling the 5-speed.
I would suggest it only needs a good check of bearings and new gaskets, oil seals and oil.

The gearbox turns freely, without any strange noices and shifts very light through all gears.
I have made a video of the gearbox turning with the rear cover taken off:

 VIDEO: Turning the gearbox ...

And also a video of the shifting of the gearbox:

 VIDEO: Shifting the gears of the gearbox ...

Shipping is possible when arranged by the buyer, I will help with packing/crating the gearbox. I do know a good and not too expensive shipping company, which I can advise.
For collection, the gearbox is in Kerkrade. That's 3 km from Herzogenrath in Germany.

For your information: these gearboxes are very identical with the ZF S4-17 gearboxes in BMW 507 and 503 and are quite often used in these cars with only minor changes to the box.

Pictures external:

Rear flange:

Selecting some gears (1 and R):

Pictures of gearbox internals:

Pictures of clutch (bell) housing (optional, showing one example but I do have several):



Marc Florie

Kerkrade / Holland (the Netherlands)

Phone (0031)-(0)6-53 896 476