SOLD: Maserati 5-speed gearbox, ZF S5-20, 1967, as used in Mistral, Sebring, Mexico, Indy and QP (4.2), but also Lamborghini 350GT, appears good        Deutsch English



The gearbox is complete with shifter and clutch (bell) housing. Also present are the axle and levers for the clutch.

The gearbox turns freely, without any strange noices and shifts nicely throught all gears. Because its condition was unknown, I have dismantled the gearbox (see pictures of internals). Everything appears in a really good condition, the gears and even the bearings and the surfaces they roll on. Of course I would advise to change the bearings and gaskets and if needed the syncronizer rings. I've re-assembled the gearbox, like visible on the pictures, without new gaskets.

Pictures (assembled like it is now):

Pictures of internals:



Marc Florie

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