SOLD: Maserati 5-speed gearbox, ZF S5-20, 1966, as used in Mistral, Sebring, Ghibli, Mexico, Indy and QP (4.2), but also Lamborghini 350GT, good condition        Deutsch English


NOT FOR SALE, ONLY TRADING for a good ZF S5-17 gearbox as used in Maserati 3500 GT/GTI


The gearbox is complete with shifter, the dip stick for checking the oil with its pipe, the clutch (bell) housing and the rear flange. Also present are the axle and levers for the clutch.

The gearbox turns freely, without any strange noices and shifts nicely through all gears. Previous owner told me it came from a Mistral and was working perfectly when removed. The oil on the dipstick looks perfect (see pictures of dipstick), so it really appears in a very good condition.


Pictures of oil on dipstick:



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