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Andrea chassis




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Een mooie en oude radio is deze Andrea Radio uit Amerika.

Andrea Model; T-16 1938 serie nr: 15604
Radio banden Broadcast (mw) ; 2x Shortwave 13m t/m 120m
Buizen 6K8 ; 6SK7 ; 5Y3 ; 6SF5 ; 6H6; 6V6 GT/G
Diverse: luidspreker  FM727 met  gemonteerde impedantietrafo ; interne ovale spoelantenne
Staat: kast is wit geverfd ; speelt prima
Schema T-16 

teken datum; 12-sept-1946


Ik heb er een gehele set nieuwe buizen in doosje bij gekregen. Deze zijn gedateerd van 1941. De radio moet dus ook van die tijd zijn of net daarna. Nergens heb ik op het net een dergelijk exemplaar kunnen vinden.

De interne ovale spoelantenne heeft de stempels: SA224 en 1046. Het type plaatje op het chassis verteld wel de fabricant "Andrea Radio" uit America met serie nr: 15604.

Helaas is de kast wit geverfd en zo te zien ook van nieuw doek voorzien. De radio speelt verder prima.

Onderzijde radio de tekst 1 6 WC


Eindelijk dec 2006 op het net een T16 gevonden in de originele kleuren.

Andrea Radio T16 (1947-1948)





Sept 2004;

Na vele schema's afgezocht te hebben vooral op Nostalgiaair

heb ik uitgedokterd dat het hier een model T-16 betreft uit 1946.

Schema klopt. Veel componenten staat benoemd met FMxxx en dat is ook terug te vinden in mijn radio.

b.v. de Trafo een FM-723, afstem-C -FM-839, luidspreker FM-727,tone-potmeter FM5016 etc.

90% kans dus dat dit werkelijk een model T-16 is.



6K8     Oscillator & modulator

6SK7   I.F. Amplifier

6H6     2nd Detector & AVC

6SF5   1st Audio

6V6GT Beam Power Output

5Y3G   Rectifier


Geschiedenis Andrea corp.

The Andrea Radio Corp. was founded in 1934 in Long Island City, NY. 43-20 34th St., Long Island City, N.Y.

Andrea Electronics Corp
By: Vicki Vega

Andrea Electronics Corporation was originally founded in 1934 as Andrea Radio Corporation. They were the leaders in radio production in the 1940's. They were one of the first television manufacturers in the country, and by the 1950's, they were known as the "Cadillac of televisions". In 1960, the corporation went public and began trading on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol AND. Later on in the 60's, Andrea Corporation flew into space by providing the astronaut audio system for the Mercury Spacecraft. In the 1970's and 1980's, Andrea became a premier supplier of high performance avionic intercom equipment for defense industry manufacturers like Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin. In 1990, Andrea formed an active noise cancellation division and changed it's name to Andrea Electronics Corporation to better reflect its new strategic direction. The company has successfully transformed itself from a manufacturer of industrial and military intercommunication systems to become a creator of innovative audio technologies, incorporating new patented and patent pending technologies to enable natural language interfaces and enhance the performance of voice related PC applications. Since its inception, the company has gone through a remarkable evolution as an audio technology leader, meeting the ever-changing needs of a demanding audio communications marketplace.

Frank Angelo D'Andrea was the creator of FADA Radios.

(born 1888, Bronx, NY)

He learned about the construction of radios working at the Frederick Pierce Co., a company that did experimental work for inventors. Soon after, D'Andrea went into business for himself, with his 16-year-old brother. Their driving ambition was to get rich. D'Andrea plan was to create crystal detectors for the radio industry. For the name of his company he adopted his initials: F.A.D.A.

With the radio boom hit in late 1921, FADA couldn't produce crystal detectors fast enough, and soon was renting space in three different places on the same street, Jerome Ave. in the Bronx. Around 1923, FADA started manufacturing radios which were well accepted by the public and experienced a rapid growth.

It seems though, that D'Andrea's employer-employee relationships were very poor, and in 1926, 500 of his 600 employees went on strike. In 1927, his chief engineer, Lewis Clement, left for a better offer with another company. Soon after his second in command of the company, Dick Klein, had quarreled with D'Andrea and left also. FADA more-or-less fell apart.

Its production was really small when it was sold in 1932 to a group of Boston businessmen and in 1934 FADA filed for bankruptcy. It was revived by New York interest continuing in business until the late 1940s.

D'Andrea created a new radio company, Andrea Radio Corp., in 1934 and continue running it until his death at the age of 77 (1965).

His business was continued by his son F.A.D. Andrea, Jr., and his daughter Camille. Fada radios are well known and desired by radio collectors because of their fabulous designs in radios, with their use of metal trims and various plastics.

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