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Philips B1X42A (1965)

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Erg leuke radio. Gekregen van kennissen toen ik een jaar of 10 was (1978). Toen mij vader met pensioen ging kwam dit radiootje weer te voorschijn. Heeft op kantoor tot 1997 dienst gedaan. Inmiddels weer aan de collectie toegevoegd.


Type B1X42A  (1965 )
Power AC (110/125/220V) 30W
Bands MW (550-1500kc/s), FM (88-108 Mc)
Cabinet Wit plastic
Dimensions 37x17x16 cm, 3kg
Controls Volume, Tuning, Off, M, F, Phono
Tubes ECH81 / EBF89 / ECL86
Speaker AD 2500 / 06
Special Semi-conductors FM tuner, FM detector, rectifier.  (ratio detector consists of 2 diodes)

Transistors AF124 en AF125

Additional information 

These nice, uncomplicated little sets were sold as a 2nd radio in the '60-s; for use in e.g. the bedroom, or kitchen. Transistors were already available, but expensive. The use of tubes and the plastic cabinet helped to keep the price low. Simple as they were, the sound quality was, and still is, surprisingly good. 

The B1X42, was produced in various different colour schemes.