The Orb Project
Míceál Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann



In recent years, people have wondered if the spherical objects that sometimes appear in their photographs are simply dust partcles -----or something more. In The Orb Project, Míceál Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann, two leading experts in the field of the orb phenomenon, combine their years of knowledge to examine these  ghostly apparitions. Featuring full-color photographs of different type of orbs, fascinating research findings, practical tips to guide amatuer photographers in capturing images of orbs, as well as comprehensive guidelines and orb visiual patterns, charasteristic, and habits.
The Orb Project demonstrates that our conventional physical reality is merely an extension of the limitless spiritual dimension, and that orbs are connected with realities out of our normal human perception.

ISBN 978-158270-182-0



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