Engraved appel by Ilse Klaarwater
The Hague (netherlands) 8 oktober 2010


Ilse Klaarwater from The Hague (Netherlands) reported a engraved apple she might receive. The pictures on her Cell phone, she wasn't able to post to me (June 2011) but she got 2 photo's of her friend Marissa van Zessen from Rotterdam (NL)

I've received them by snailmail and scanned them. Maybe in future I might receive Ilse's cell phone photo's, for there are pics on it of the "back"of the apple

This engravement seemed to have formed itsself on the day a transmissionmeditation took place of the Dutch Share group. Ilse told me, to see the "AUM" sign in the engravement, and indeed with a bit of imagination, it indeed has some simularities with the "AUM"symbol.

We thank Ilse for her report and posting the photos to us, and Marissa for her allowance to put them on this website





Het AUM symbool




Ed Vos