9520 Kautokeino
NAF Fritidssenter & Camping
The Camping Suohpatjávri is a 3-star camping site, member of the Norwegian Automobile Association (NAF), situated in the middle of the wilderniss, on the border of a big lake in a very quiet place.
It has it's own long sandy beach and lies 7 km south of Kautokeino, 300 km south of the North Cape, 40 km from the Finnish border, 130 km from the nearest airport in Alta, and far north from the Polar circle.
In summer there are fishing and hunting possibilities and there are canoes and boats for rent.
A naturepath starts at the camping site and goes about 4,5 km through the wilderniss of Lapland. Along the path you will find a series of noticeboards with explanations on the flora and fauna of the wilderniss, a Sami "gamme" (a small Lapp hutt) and a Sami sacrificestone (Sieidi).
There are other possibilities of wandering for the one who wants to explore the nature of Lapland.
Cross-country skiing is possible in winter. You can rent snowmobiles in nearby Kautokeino from where tours on snowmobiles are organized and you can also go on organized trips on reindeerdrawn sledges, etc.
In Kautokeino there is also a Sami museum and there are shops where you can buy typical Sami products and handicraft.
The camping Suohpatjávri has 8 cabins, all of wich are winterisolated, 6 motelrooms, 20 electrical sockets for caravans and campingcars (part of them directly on the lakeshore) and a great number of tentplaces.
The cabins are electrically heated, prepared for selfcooking, equipped with a hotplate, refrigerator, the necessary kitchenequipment and tablecover.
Bedclothes can be rented.
You will find common facilities in a separate house with toilets, showers, kitchen, washingmashine and dryingtumbler.
The camping offers possibilities of emptying caravan and campingcar-toilets.
The motel is winterisolated and also based on selfcooking. All the rooms have a shower, toilet, kitchen, made-up beds, towels, bedclothes, etc, with a TV in each room.
In the reception there is a small shop where you can buy food, icelollies, etc. and where you also can have a light meal. In Kautokeino you'll find a big supermarket.
Address: Camping Suohpatjávri
By Mrs. Ellinor Beck
N-9520 Kautokeino
Tel. and Fax: 0047-78 48 57 33
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