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Medieval chronicles from and on Utrecht

Medieval chronicles are a classic source for historians. For the Dutch Middle Ages many narrative sources have been described in the repertory by Marijke Carasso-Kok, Repertorium van verhalende historische bronnen uit de middeleeuwen ('s-Gravenhage 1981) [abbreviated Carasso]. She mentions further details and refers to literature. An updated version is under construction at Narrative Sources, the online database for historical sources of the Southern Low Countries. Here follows a survey of mainly 15th-century chronicles on and from Utrecht, using Carasso-Kok's repertory. The order is as follows:

See for later historians, early modern editions and the works of antiquarian writers also:

In 2015 the portal Utrechtse Kronieken has been launched with a digital version and transcriptions of eight chronicles.

Collections outside the Netherlands

Carasso 194 - Anonymus de Arckel, Kroniek van Utrecht en Holland - Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale Albert I, ms. 6045-6054, f. 115r-192r; ms. II 1303, f. 65r-95v.

Carasso 209 - anonymus, Continuatio ad Chronicon Martini Poloni - Giessen, Universitätsbibliothek, ms. 160.

Carasso 229 - [Werner Rolevinck], Fasciculus temporum - Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, ms. lat. 16020.

Carasso 338 - De nominibus et gestibus pontificum Traiectensium - Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale Albert I, mss. 8037-8050, f. 396r-398v - until 1455.

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Dutch collections

Carasso 103 - Aert de Douwer, Kroniek - The Hague, Nationaal Archief, Third Department, ms. 751, f. 56r-59r.

Carasso 121 - Anonieme kroniek - Utrecht, Utrechts Archief (UA), ms. 56, f. 1-99.

Carasso 126 - Die bisscopen van Utrecht - Utrecht, UA, ms. 56, f. 117-144.

Carasso 137 - Cronike van der Duytscher Orden - Utrecht, Archief der Ridderlijke Duitse Orde Balije Utrecht, inv. nr. 181 and 181 bis - kept in the Archive of the Teutonic Knights; the version in Latin has been edited, see under Editions.

Carasso 152 - Gouds kroniekje - many manuscripts exist of the Gouda chronicle (e.g. Utrecht, UB, ms. 1179, 1180); runs until 1477 - incunabula editions: Hier beghint die cronike of die hystorie van Hollant... (Delft, circa. 1480-1484; Leiden1483) and by Petrus Scriverius, Het oude Goutsche Chronycxken... (Amsterdam 1663) 1-129, 130-150.

Carasso 193 - Kroniek van de bisschoppen van Utrecht -  Leiden, Bibliotheek der Universiteit, BPL 76 c., f. 74r-77v - until 1475.

Carasso 195 - Kroniek van het St. Nicolaasklooster, "short version" - Utrecht, UA, Bewaarde Archieven I, inv. nr. 986, vooral f. 5v-13r - the "long" version of this monastic chronicle has been edited, see under Editions.

Carasso 200 - Claes Heynenszoon, Wereldkroniek [World Chronicle]- Leeuwarden, Provinciale Bibliotheek, ms. 282, f. 49r-94r - runs until about 1495 in its continuations; the author, who died in 1414, is much more known as Herald Guelders and Herald Bavaria, for his famous heraldic survey of Europe, his Wapenboek

Carasso 203 - 'Kroniek van Holland, Zeeland, Friesland en Utrecht tot 1514' - Alkmaar, Gemeentearchief, Collectie Aanwinsten, nr. 263 ("Collectanea"), f. 1r-312r.

Carasso 218 - Dirk Pauw, Kroniek - Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek (UB), ms. 1650.

Carasso 228 - [Werner Rolevinck], Fasciculus temporum - The Hague, Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), ms. 74 J 5.

Carasso 278 - Hendrik van Gouda, Cronica Hollandiae, Zeelandiae et Frisiae - Groningen, UB, ms. 129 (autograph); The Hague, KB, ms. 74 J 46-49 and 74 J 40 are copies by Anthonius Matthaeus.

Carasso 287 - Gerard Suggerode, Chronicon - Utrecht, UB, ms. 10 B 6 - a canon of the Utrecht Salvator chapter, see A.J. van den Hoven van Genderen, De heeren van de Kerk. De kanunniken van Oudmunster te Utrecht in de late middeleeuwen (Zutphen 1997).

Introduction    Foreign collections    Dutch collections    Editions of chronicles

Editions of chronicles

De Utrechtsche jaarboeken van den vijftiende eeuw..., Caspar Burman (ed.) (3 vol., Utrecht 1750-1758) contains excerpts from the Utrecht "Buurspraakboek" (UA, Stad I, inv. nr. 16) during the 15th century, a series of city council decisions, thus not an edition of annales or chronicles. Here first the works mentioned by Carasso-Kok. She indicates also the manuscript sources.

Carasso 137 - Chronicon Equestris Ordinis Teutonici incerti auctoris - in: Veteris aevi analecta, Anthonius Matthaeus (ed.) (first ed. Lugduni Batavorum 1710, vol. 10, 1-284; 2. ed., Hagae Comitum 1738, V, 631-718 - this chronicle is strictly concerned with the Teutonic Knights; Matthaeus (1635-1710) was a law professor in Utrecht and Leiden, see Haitsma Mulier-Van der Lem (see Introduction), no. 328, with a list of the contents of his Veteris aevi analecta (edition 1698-1710) and a concordance to Carasso-Kok.

Carasso 195 - 'Kroniek van het St. Nicolaasklooster te Utrecht', P.J. Vermeulen (ed.), in: Tijdschrift voor oudheden, statistiek... en andere deelen der geschiedenis van... Utrecht 4 (Utrecht 1852) 71-100 - focuses strongly on the St. Nicholas convent in the period 1377-1437 - Utrecht, UB, ms. 1260 (written around 1470).

Carasso 189 - De Tielse kroniek, translated by Jan Kuys a.o. (Amsterdam 1983) - this chronicle from Tiel contains notices on events in Utrecht until 1449.

Carasso 296 - Johannis de Beke, Chronografia, H. Bruch (ed.) (The Hague 1973; Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën (RGP), grote serie, 143) - the most important chronicle of the Northern Netherlands during the 14th and 15th centuries, available also online in PDF format [29,6 MB] at the Institute for Dutch History in The Hague.

Carasso 297 - Cronike van den Stichte van Utrechte ende van Hollant, H. Bruch (ed.) (The Hague 1982; RGP, grote serie, 180) - an important chronicle for the 14th and 15th centuries, a translation and continuation up to 1425-1430 of hisChronografia; this version, too, isdownloadable in PDF-format [39,6 MB].

Carasso 302 - Johannis à Leydis, 'Chronicon Hollandiae comitum et episcoporum Ultraiectensium', in: F. Sweertius, Rerum Belgicarum annales, chronici et historici... (Francofurti ad Moenam 1620) - the only edition of a chronicle by Jan Gerbrandszoon of Leiden, a carmelite, which originally did not end at 1417.

Carasso 315 - [Jan van Veldener], Dit sijn die cronijken van Utrecht..., in: Dat boeck dat men hiet Fasciculus temporum (Utrecht 1480), f. 244r-274v - also in Antonius Matthaeus, Veteris aevi analecta IX (Lugduni Batavorum 1709) 1-79, edition Hagae Comitum 1738, V, 303-522 (in Latin) - runs until 1456.

Carasso 369 - Thomas Basin, De rebus gestis Caroli VII et Ludovici XI historiarum libri XII, J. Quicherat (ed.) (3 vol., Paris 1855-1857); Ch. Samaran (ed. and transl.), Histoire de Charles VII (2 vol., Paris 1933-1944), Ch. Samaran and M.C. Garand (ed. and transl.), Histoire de Louis XI (3 vol., Paris 1963-1972) - this bishop of Lisieux lived after 1477 in exile in Utrecht, see Kaj van Vliet, 'Thomas Basin in Utrecht', Jaarboek Oud-Utrecht 1991, 59-92.

'Dit ist Boec der Ghesciecnissen (1417-1557)', J.J. Dodt van Flensburg (ed.), in: idem (ed.), Archief voor kerkelijke en wereldlijke geschiedenissen, inzonderheid van Utrecht 3 (Utrecht 1843) 1 ff.

Wilhelmus Heda, Historia episcoporum Trajectensium, in: idem, Historia veterum episcoporum Ultraiectinae sedis... (Franequerae 1612) 197-426, also in: Ioannes de Beka... et Wilhelmus Heda... de episcopis Ultraiectinis, Arnoldus Buchelius and Gijsbert Lap van Waveren (eds.) (Ultraiecti 1643) - see Carasso-Kok 297 and Haitsma Mulier-Van der Lem (see the Introduction), no. 214.

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