JohannesGerrit and Jitske

Tjitske, Johannes, Sietske, Pake en Beppe: Gerrit Posthumus en Jitske Kok, Angenietje en Jantje omstreeks 1910

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Rome the municipal state

Since the beginning of the era

Emperor Posthumus

Roman-Frisian right

The Imperial Decree from 18 july 1811




The pedigree of Gerrit Hielkesz. (Dutch)

Thonies (Dutch)
Mie Demol uit Sint-Pieters-Leeuw took this in january 2006
Generation Stol (Dutch)

Tuijthoff (Dutch)

Jacob Jacob Posthumus (Dutch) Klaas Ydes Posthumus (Dutch)


Mortuary Cards


Posthumus and genealogy, with references to other websites (Dutch)

Emigrants (Dutch and English)
Posthumusses emigrated to a.o. the USA and Canada

South-Arica (Dutch and English)
Posthumus in National Archives and Records Service (NARS) of South-Africa

Inca expedition:
Trans-Mongolian Railway:

    ┤And though I am in haste, yet I cannot yet pass by them who, though they differ nothing from the meanest cobbler, yet 'tis scarcely credible how they flatter themselves with the empty title of nobility. One derives his pedigree from Aeneas, another from Brutus, a third from the star by the tail of Ursa Major. They show you on every side the statues and pictures of their ancestors; run over their greatgrandfathers and the great-great-grandfathers of both lines, and the ancient matches of their families, when themselves yet are but once removed from a statue, if not worse than those trifles they boast of. And yet by means of this pleasant self-love they live a happy life. Nor are they less fools who admire these beasts as if they were gods.┤

Erasmus 1

'Life does not end at death. When we die, our eternal spirits go to a spirit world, where we continue to learn while we await the Resurrection and Final Judgment.'






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