AN VAN DAATSELAAR – RABE





..................................................................................................................15 april 1900 – 10 december 1986........................................................................

In December, 1979 we had a Infinite Way class in her home. Listen to her whilst she is welcoming to the students to the class titled "the 2nd coming of the Christ." click on annaudio .


When I - Bertus - was 16 years old, I lost my mother from cancer and my aunt - our "auntie Annie" - more or less replaced her.

For the human world Ann could be called a "nobody", viz: no high position, no status, just an ordinary housewife, BUT . . . what is "low"' with the people (so we read in the Bible is "high" with God.

Ann had been active in and for the Christian Science Church.

At a certain moment ( must have been in the early '60 ies) she came in contact with the writings of Joel and was caught so much by it that she did break up with Christian Science and devoted herself completely to The Infinite Way. (Dutch: De Oneindige Weg)

She rose so high in Consciousness that she could rightly be called "practitioner" and I - Bertus - have at the time (on the advice of Lorraine Sinkler) mentioned Ann as such in the Dutch Monthly Letters.

So Ann became the FIRST INFINITE WAY PRACTITIONER IN HOLLAND. Ann can rightly be considered as one of the pioneers of The Infinite Way Holland just as my predecessor-translator the late Heloise van Brakel and others (amongst whom the late Isabel van Egmond in whose "studio"the first Infinite Way meetings took place).

I - Bertus - belonging to the "second generation" who has been allowed to continue this beautiful work, consider it a great honour and privilege to have cooperated with pioneers like Ann, Heloise, Lorraine, and like. Very inspiring indeed.

I myself have hardly any knowledge of Christian Science, never have been interested in it; it did not mean much to me. But . . one night (I must have been about 30 years old) I did visit Ann and saw a book by Joel Goldsmith and was caught so much by it that from that moment on I have been devoting myself to the Infinite Way and very soon started translating Joel's writings. Originally in cooperation with Ann, but after her transition (in 1986) I - Bertus - have been doing it all alone.

Though on the human plane Ann may not have had any status etc. on the Spiritual Scale she was very wise and inspired and inspirting. She could write beautiful poems and unfortunately only a few have been preserved. (only in Dutch)

One poem you could use a source of inspiration when awakening in the morning (Free English translation from Dutch as you understand) called "Heden is het de dag die ik in UW Aanwezigheid doorbrengen mag"(Today is the day that I may pass in YOUR Presence)

Today is the day

My God . . what a day

that I may pass in YOUR Presence.

Wrong thougths will disappear

Can not appear in YOUR Presence

My God .. .what a day.

In all what lives and moves, I know THEE

I AM THAT I AM and outside ME there is nothing.

That much I do know NOW.

My God . .what a day

All days fade away

Into that one day, that I behold THEE present in everything

All days are . . that o n e day.

There is no past ... there is no future.

There only is NOW . . the day that is ready for me and awaits me

Only NOW .. now I do understand

Now am I able to live . . .this day.



I felt the need to devote this page to Ann. This pioneer has more than deserved it. God bless her and accompanies and guides her on her way onward. May it be given to her that she never has to return to go again through this "earthly school" but that she may achieve the final purpose: CONSCIOUS UNION WITH GOD.


It is a great comfort to know that Ann is in the Light:

based on a piece of art made by a student, the late Mrs. T.Bood-Sneekes.