(From: The Monthly Letter January, 1960J


In the early study of truth, I am sure that most students have primarily in mind the overcoming of the discords and inharmonies in their human experience and the attainment of harmony in the form of good health, more abundant supply, happier relationships, and other satisfying human experiences. At that stage of unfoldment, it is not usually recognized that this is merely a desire to exchange the evils of human experience for the good in human experience. Nor is it apparent to most students that even if physical health and economic abundance are attained, they are still subject to the vicissitudes of the calendar and the weather and alternating periods of boom or depression, war or peace – in other words, they still remain “man whose breath is in his nostrils.”

     Inevitably, it dawns in our consciousness that something is missing and that there must be something more than this volleying back and forth between good health and bad, between abundance and lack, between happiness and unhappiness, peace and unrest. Sooner or later, it is brought to our attention that we are to seek the kingdom of God, the attainment of that mind which was also in Christ Jesus – the fourth dimensional Consciousness. And so our search takes a different turn.

     My own experience has  taught me that one is either touched by the finger of God and, by His grace, is automatically lifted into Christ-consciousness, or that one attains the Crown by way of the Cross. Usually there is a mixture of both of these.

     I then learned that to know the correct letter of truth, to study and practice it, developed the actual consciousness itself. Sometimes one may take the problem of supply and work with specific principles of supply, studying and practicing them, until “in such an hour as ye think not” the realization dawns, and from then on, supply is ours as a matter of grace – without effort, without taking thought, without the sweat of our brow. Or, we may work faithfully and consistently with some principle of health, studying, learning, and putting the principle into practice, until again one day all of a sudden it happens, and we enter the very consciousness of health. Thereafter, we do not maintain our health by taking thought or by treatments, but we are maintained and sustained by the grace of God.

     And so it is that in the area of human relationships, family, business or public, again we find the specific correct letter of truth and we work faithfully with it, studying, remembering, consciously bearing witness, and putting into practice the specific principles, until a light flashes, an inner release comes, and then on that subject we are made free. Of what are we made free?  Of the inharmonies and discords of ordinary human relationships – made free in spiritual relationship, the relationship of Chist, or spiritual being.

     Students ordinarily believe that if they attain a flash of light, or a momentary sense of God’s  presence they are automatically freed from the entire round of human experiences, but my experience indicates that this is not true. Our release from what the Master called “this world” is gradual, piece by piece, until in a certain moment we are able to reach that point where we feel we are beginning to overcome the world in some small measure. But just as the Master attained his Crown through the Cross, so do we – it is not just one brief period of crucifixion, but a crucifixion of the physical sense of body, a crucifixion to the material sense of supply, a crucifixion to the human sense of relationships, bearing out the Master’s statement that there is no wide and easy road to the attainment of the kingdom of God.

     To the students of The Infinite Way who have a background of good, earnest study of the Writings and recordings, the letters of September, October and November 1959 so clearly provide the highlights of these principles constituting the correct letter of truth that it will require only diligent practice and faithful adherence to these principles, and a sincere zeal in the application of them. To attain that which was revealed in the December, 1959 letter, that is: the revelation of the fourth dimensional, or Christ-consciousness. Symbolically this attainment of Christmas occurs in the twelfth month, and our students must not be weary if they find, as I have found, that they must plod their way through the first arduous eleven months in order to attain the glory of the twelfth.



(from: “Across the Desk” Monthly Letter October, 1957)


     Looking at the human scene, we see continual strife and struggle – good battling evil, health trying to conquer disease, virtue contending against vice, abundance racing to keep a step ahead of lack, war and peace see-sawing constantly, and birth and death occupying the same pages of the papers.

     When muskets were invented, the bow-and-arrow nations were conquered, only to be conquered in turn when rifles came into being. When the power of a torpedo launched from a sub marine became more potent than the power of guns or cannon on ships, the submarine defeated the world’s  largest navies. The airplane has overcome land armies, and the  newest weapon, atomic power, has filled the whole world with fear. Medicine and surgery continue their warfare with disease. Education valiantly wages its battle with ignorance, superstition and fear. We can sum it all up in one phrase – the struggle for survival. Noting how one power always overcomes a lesser power, we may well ask: “Where will all this end? Can this struggle continue forever with one ogre devouring another?” Looking at the scene from a material standpoint, the answer to the problem of survival is always found in the discovery of a still greater power than that which is already known.

     Everywhere in the world, people are recognizing that there must come an end to this eternal warfare of mind and matter and that some other solution must be found. In The Infinite Way, we believe that we have found the solution to life’s problems and to a way of harmonious living – a way not based on power. An understanding of this way begins to dissolve our personal problems, brings about more harmonious family, business, and social relationships, and includes in this harmony all those who are or who become a part of our consciousness. Eventually this way will be the way of all mankind and the word “power” will then be used merely in measuring the forces of electricity or atomic energy.

     Our students have learned from my writings and from their own experience that God continues individual being, and therefore each one is secure in his own spiritual integrity, one with his Source. Each one represents  God fulfilling Itself. Each is fed by the inner meat, wine, bread, and water within his own Self Each draws life, sustenance, and wisdom from the springs of living water within his own being. Each draws inspiration from the hills from whence cometh our help that high consciousness which has evolved through unselfed living, giving, and sharing. Our students have learned that neither health, harmony, nor supply can be received, but these can be given forth from that which is within each one of them.    No power drew these students from 2,500 to 9.000 miles to be here  - no promises, no suggestions, no hopes of gain, not even the expectancy of learning of greater powers. In this grand experience you may, with spiritual discernment, glimpse the principles of The Infinite Way. It may help you to understand the passage which appears on the opening page of all our writings:


Illumination dissolves all material ties and binds men together with the golden chains of spiritual understanding; it acknowledges only the leadership of the Christ; it has no ritual or rule but the divine, impersonal, universal Love; no other worship than the inner Flame that is ever lit at the shrine of Spirit. This union is the free state of spiritual brotherhood. The only restraint is the discipline of the Soul, therefore we know liberty without license; we are a united universe without physical limits; a divine service to God without ceremony or creed.


     If you can only dimly perceive the nature of this passage, you will understand the miracle that drew those students here and that has also drawn such groups together in Seattle, Portland, New York, London, Amsterdam, South Africa, Australia and other places. To discern this is to understand the nature of The Infinite Way and its mode of revealing Omnipresence. Is there more than this? Ponder and meditate.

     When you are faced with some of the problems of “this world” will you not remember that the answer does not lie in using some power – not even some power of God – to overcome or destroy anything? Will you not see that only in “this world” does one power strive with another, but in “MY Kingdom” there are no powers.



(From the April 1960 Monthly Letter)



     When understood, The Infinite Way will change the nature of your prayers. Men have always prayed either to many gods or to the one  unknown God for better material conditions and a greater abundance of things: The world has prayed for bigger crops, for more rain and then again for less rain, for safety, and for peace on earth. Men have prayed for homes and companions and abundance until the world would have been deluged with these  if the God to whom they have prayed were the kind of God who could answer such prayer.

     Despite the billions of men and women who pray in public places of worship, and the other billions, who pray alone and in secret, the sins, diseases, wars, famines and storms continue and it would seem even increase. What explanation is there other than that there is no such God answering such prayers?

     The Infinite Way reveals that praying to God for anything at all except for the one great gift of an understanding of god is a waste of time. Throughout the ages, there have been some who have attained God’s grace and realized peace on earth and an abundance of those things necessary to daily comfort; but it is always the attaining of a transcendental state of consciousness that is the secret of healing and harmony, and that spiritually enlightened consciousness is the substance, form, and activity of our immediate and continued good.

     This message reveals how sincere seekers can attain some measure of this spiritual consciousness, and thereby bring joy, peace, health and abundance to themselves and to all who can forsake the scramble for t h i n g s in order to attain the awareness of the invisible s u b s t a n c e  of things and conditions.

     The error of the ages is the belief that the ordinary material or mental consciousness can add to itself the blessings of God, whereas the truth is that only the children of God – those who have the Spirit, or consciousness of God – are heirs of God.

     Before God’s  healing presence can be experienced, consciousness must be prepared – transformed, renewed, reborn of the Spirit – so that it may be a transparency for that Light and God’s  grace find entry to “this world” and overcome it.

     “The Art of Spiritual Healing’ set forth the specific healing principles of The Infinite Way through which this mystical healing consciousness may be developed. The first two months of the 1960 lecture work and class work indicate that this year will be devoted to the actual realization and unfolding of this transcendental consciousness through the understanding of scripture and meditation. The Infinite Way “wisdoms” will be more clearly understood and “Living the Infinite Way” will reveal deeper meanings and even the tiny pamphlet “The Fourth Dimension” will disclose its depth.

. . . . the world cannot know peace and oneness until we of the metaphysical movements attain unity in our relationships with one another. All those who stand for spiritual healing are o n e  in spirit and in truth regardless of the differences in specific principles and the many different approached to the subject of healing. The day of oneness is surely dawning.