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L. Rabe (callname "Bertus") actually has been doing translation - and correspondencework during all his professional and private live. the last 20 years he worked as legal correspondent/translator with the Dutch Semi -Government. At the moment he has retired.

After succesfully finishing high-school Bertus graduaded in the English, French and German languages and also have a fair knowledge of Spanish. At the beginning of 1977 he was led to the late Heloise Van Brakel-May who did the translation work of the Monthly Letters at that time. In 1978 Bertus took over the work. At first in cooperation with his aunt, the practitoner the late Ann van Daatselaar-Rabe, but after her transition in 1986 Bertus did the work alone in close cooperation with the spiritually endowed practitioner Betty Lissing in Sydney/Australia who made the transition in 2014.

This translationwork is a very specialized work (an experience I share with other European Inf. Way translators) and this cannot be done if one does not have the mystical Infinite Way consciousness and does not have a full knowledge of the teaching. I, Bertus, am very fortunate that I have been directly led to the mystical Infinite Way consciousness and had not to unlearn other teachings. So students can be assured that they receive in the translations the pure Infinite Way Mystical Consciousness, exactly as Joel revealed and meant it.

In this connection I quote from a letter by a student to me:

-----------------begin quote--------------------------------

Dear Mr. Rabe,

Yesterday I had a visit  from an elderly lady who has been studying Science and Health for a long time, from Christian Science. I showed her the works of Joel S Goldsmith on my tablet, She expressed her admiration for the perfect translation, she asked who did that, because this man knows exactly what this is about, because this reading is very difficult to translate correctly. ……………………  I thought … to let  you know.

-------------------------end quote ------------------------------

Joel's widow, (the late) Emma A. Goldsmith,  granted me, Bertus, the exclusive translation – and publication rights for Joels writings while the late Geri McDonald -(Emma's daughter continuing the Infinite Way "office") -  did grant only to me permission to use  the copyrighted and trademark-protected name "The Infinite Way". The estate now is in the hands of Geri's daughter, Mrs. Sue Ropac who has confirmed the permissions given to me.

There is no commercial interest

In the 1958 Holland Class Joel did express his appreciation for those who dedicate themselves to break down the languagebarrier.

--------------------------quote begin -------------------------------------------------------

Each time  . . . .[that I come here] . . .  it is a great pleasure because so many here have been making a very serious effort to break down the barrier of language to understand this message of The Infinite Way.  It is not an easy message to understand even if English were your native language. We have many in the U.S. , Canada and England who find it very very difficult to grasp the meaning of this message. And, breaking this barrier of the language may be even more difficult except for one thing.  That if you can catch the simplicity of the message, then language is no barrier and even a very very simple slight knowledge of the language will give you the entire secret. The message is difficult *) not because of being complex, it is difficult because of its simplicity. That is what makes the entire message of The Infinite Way difficult. It is its very simplicity.

--------------------------------end quote ------------------------------------------------------------------

*) see difficult

Listen to Joel himself.